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Astro-Profiles of Celebrities

Dear Students of Vedic Astrology,

The Astro-Profile articles are in-depth research articles that teach Vedic astrology principles through the example charts of celebrities, which is one of the best ways to learn. Each Astro-Profile includes example charts, quotes of classic texts, statistical research, and stories of popular figures, which makes learning enjoyable. Some will analyze the chart of a single celebrity, while others will use many example charts to demonstrate a Jyotish principle.

Most Astro-Profiles are written by Marc Boney, M.A., who is a senior student of K.N. Rao and a mentor of mine. Marc takes astrological writing to a new level with his entertaining stories, classic quotes, and statistical research. Read a sample article here: Unmasking a Heavily Afflicted Planet.

All the Astro-Profiles can be purchased individually for $9.95 by clicking on the Secure Paypal 'Add to Cart' button below. A Paypal account is not required and any major credit card is accepted. You will automatically receive the Astro-Profile by email as a downloadable pdf file. You can view the pages as thumbnails by clicking on the 'view pages' link below each article description.

View Sample Astro-Profile:
"Dr. Masaru Emoto: The Hidden Messages of Water signs"




View Sample Astro-Profile:
"Venus Williams's Big Comeback"


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The Midas Touch: The Astrology of Extraordinary Wealth

photos midas touch


The Midas Touch: The Astrology of Extraordinary Wealth

25 pages - 8,300 words

Have you every wondered why some people seem to have the midas touch – that special ability to turn whatever they do into gold? This astro-profile article explores the astrological principles of wealth: how to spot wealth and the timing for acquiring wealth through the Vimshottari dasha system. You’ll learn the wealth-producing combinations or dhana yogas, as well as special graha yogas for wealth. You’ll also learn subtler methods like the calculation and use of Indu Lagna, and how to determine if the wealth is earned or inherited.

Being able to gauge the degree of wealth in a chart is not always easy, but this article will help you to hone your interpretive skill to focus on the important points that should not be missed. By analyzing the charts of Rupert Murdoch, Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Gates, JP Morgan, Ted Turner, Donald Trump and others these principles for analyzing wealth in the chart come alive.

Written by Marc Boney, M.A.,
edited by Vaughn Paul Manley, M.A.

$ 9.95