• The Addictive Use of Astrology


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    Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)

    Children, many people become addicted to astrology due to their anxiety and fear over the future. There is no dearth of people who panic and worry about subjects like marriage, business, job, promotions, and so on. The favorable and unfavorable situations we face in this life are primarily caused by the actions we have performed in past lives. While astrology can give us hints about our fate to some extent and recommend various means to mitigate our negative experiences, it cannot prevent them entirely. Therefore, it is important that we make our mind, capable of enduring problems with equanimity.

    Once a mahatma gave two idols to a king and said, “Be very careful with these idols. If they break, big calamities will befall the kingdom. There may be war or famine or floods.” The king entrusted the idols with a servant, who kept them very carefully in a special place. One day, one of the idols broke. The servant informed the king. The irate king imprisoned him. A few days later, a neighboring king attacked the kingdom. Seeing this as the fault of the servant, he ordered him to be hung. When asked whether he had any last wish, the servant said, “Before I die, I should be allowed to break the second idol.”

    The king asked him, “Why are you saying this?” The servant said, “You are having me executed because the first idol broke. Another innocent person should not be forced to die because of the other idol. The mahatma who gave those idols to you said that if the idols break, bad things will happen. He did not say that bad things will happen because the idols broke. The breaking of the idol was merely an indication of the war that was to happen. As soon as you received that hint, you should have immediately made preparations to face the enemy king’s army.” The king realized his mistake and freed the servant.


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    Astrology and omens merely indicate the hardships or good fortune that could occur in life. There is no point in blaming the planets or God for our difficulties. We should remain alert and ensure all our actions are good. If we can do this, then our future will be full of goodness.

    Even atheists and skeptics have immense faith in astrologers and soothsayers. A good, intuitive astrologer may be able to recount your past and make fairly accurate predictions about your future. More than an astrologer’s scholarship is his ability to tune his mind with the higher realms. Ultimately, it is the divine grace he is capable of tapping into that gives accuracy to his predictions.

    Similarly, ultimately only God’s grace can change a situation or an experience we are fated to undergo. It is also important to remember that no karmic situation can be completely averted. Regardless, our prayers, meditation and spiritual practices will have a positive impact. Many people think hiring priests to do pujas and homas will help. While such rituals are very powerful, the sincere and dedicated effort we put into our own spiritual and religious observances are more important.

    Astrology is part of the Vedic culture. It is a science—a pure and subtle mathematical calculation based on the relationship between the movements of the solar system, nature and the human mind. Like all other ancient scriptures, astrological knowledge also dawned in the hearts of the rishis during their deep meditations, when their mind was one with the universe. Thus, let us understand that our faith should neither be in the astrologer nor in his predictions, but in that ultimate governing power of this universe: God. The unintelligent and undiscerning actions we’ve performed in the past should be counterbalanced with intelligent and discerning actions in the present. If we do so, the future will become our friend.