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What to Expect from a Reading:
A reading is a time for you to get the information you want, and so it is centered around your questions. My style is to start with the broad perspective and gradually get as specific and detailed as possible. If it's your first reading then we start with a brief natal chart analysis and overview of the dashas (planetary periods), then focus on your questions. If you've already had a reading with me then we skip the natal chart analysis, and spend more time on your questions.

How To Schedule A Session:
Send an email or call me with your birth information: date, place, birth time, and the source of your birth time (birth certificate, mother's memory etc.). Please include your phone number, Skype ID, your current location, and best days and times to have the reading. Usually I can schedule a session within three weeks, sometimes sooner.

Free Phone Call:
The cost of the phone call is included in the price of the reading. I will call you using Skype or a similar phone service. Please note that calls can not be made to cell phones, unless you live in the USA or Canada.

Recorded Sessions:
All sessions are recorded as an mp3 file which will be sent to you by email as a downloadable link. You will also receive a copy of your chart as a PDF file.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted through PayPal's Secure Payment System, and you don't need to sign up for a Paypal Account. If you'd like to pay by check then please mail to: PO Box 1703, Makawao, HI 96768. Payments must be received prior to the reading. To make a payment for an amount not specified below then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Make a Payment of Any Amount.'

Additional Time:
You can add time at the end of reading for $40 for each 15 minutes.

Reading Preparation:
To prepare for the reading, take a moment to write a list of questions that you'd like to have addressed. I'll ask you for these at the beginning of the reading to make sure we have enough time to answer all of them. It's not necessary to send questions in advance.


One Hour Reading
60 Minutes: $195

In a One Hour Reading there's usually enough time to answer three or four questions in detail. If it's your first reading with me then we begin with a brief natal chart interpretation, an overview of the current dashas and transits, and then focus on your questions. If you're a returning client then we skip the natal chart interpretation. Depending on the number of your questions, this length of reading can also be an Update Reading which gives a yearly forecast of the trends over the next 6 to 12 months.


In-Depth Reading
1 hour 30 minutes: $245

An In-Depth Reading is the most comprehensive reading, and allows time to put your current situation into the broad context of you life. It includes a brief natal chart interpretation (unless you've already had a reading with me), an overview of the planetary periods, a yearly forecast of the trends over the next 6 to 12 months, and time to answer your questions in detail. This 90 minutes reading also allows time to look briefly at the chart of another individual - spouse, child, etc. and ask a few questions. (For additional person add 30 minutes or $80 or consider getting a Double Reading). You will gain clarity about your life purpose and any specific areas concerning you: relationships, career, finances, health, personal growth and spirituality, etc., so that you can make clear and empowered decisions. This length of reading also allows time to suggest remedial measures.


Double Reading
2 hours: $295

A Double Reading is my maximum length of reading. It's for those who want even more depth than an In-Depth Reading, or who want to have two One Hour Readings in one sitting. For instance, a husband and wife can each get 1 Hour Readings during one scheduled appointment.


Follow Up Reading
60 minutes: $175

A Follow Up Reading is for returning clients who've had a reading within the last six months and have follow up questions. The rate is reduced so it's the same as adding extra minutes to the end of a reading - $40 for 15 minutes. This reading is also for people who would like to have ongoing counseling or life coaching sessions that integrate both psychology and astrology.

Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification is for those who are uncertain about their birth time. We'll use a list of up to 20 dates of major life events and a questionnaire to determine your exact birth time. If you are certain that your birth time is within a 3 hour range then the cost is $175. If it's within a 30 minute range then the cost is $155. If it's within a 3-24 hour range then the cost is $225. To verify that your given birth time is accurate, and not rectify it, the cost is $125. If you combine Birth Rectification with a 1 hour Reading or an In-Depth Reading than it's 10% off the birth rectification. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Make a Payment of Any Amount' if the price is other than $175.

Add 15 Minutes:

Add more time on the end of a reading for $40 for 15 minutes. Use the quantity option to choose how many 15 minute increments you'd like to add.

Make a Payment of any Amount:

Make a payment for an amount not shown above by manually entering any amount.