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Dear Students of Vedic Astrology,
Here you will find Vedic Astrology Course Lessons that will help you learn Jyotish in a thorough and systematic manner. Each lesson includes exercises, homework assignments and quizzes that help you integrate theory into practice which is when real learning happens. There are also lots of graphics, charts and tables so that there is less confusion in the learning process.

The first 14 Course Lessons are now available, totaling over 690 pages of text, graphics, quizzes, exercises, and homework assignments. All 14 lessons can be purchased for $198 or purchased individually for either $16.95 or $19.95 by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button. A Paypal account is not required and any major credit card is accepted. You may then return to the website, login, and visit the Student Area to access your downloadable pdf file(s). Here's a quick link to each lesson available below.

These will be added in the future:

  • Lesson 15 - The Vimshottari Dasha System
  • Lesson 16 - Alternate Ascendants (Lagnas)
  • Lesson 17 - Divisional Charts (Vargas)
  • Lesson 18 - Transits (Gochara) and Ashtakavarga

Please email me by clicking here, if you have any questions.

Yours in the Jyotir Vidya,
Vaughn Paul



Purpose of the Vedic Astrology Course

There are two main purposes for this course that make it unique:

  1. To provide a thorough, step-by-step way to learn Vedic astrology, based on K.N. Rao's PAC-DARES method, that dramatically accelerates a student's ability to interpret the natal chart accurately.
  2. To teach in a style that encourages the student to think astrologically about the logic behind an interpretation, and not just rely on rote memorization. The quizzes, exercises, and homework assignments are designed to encourage a level of critical thinking that helps the student become an astute astrologer.

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LESSON 12: Determining the Strength of Planets

photos course1 lesson 12

Topics Covered in this Lesson

LESSON 12: Determining the Strength of Planets and Houses

82 pages - 27,500 words

1. Determining Planetary Strength

  • Understanding Planetary Strength
  • The Strength of Natural and Temporal Indications
  • Karma, Past Lives and the Strength of Planets
  • The Happy or Unhappy Condition of Planets
  • The Nine Conditions of Sign Strength – Planetary Dignities
  • One-Step Method for Determining Sign Strength
  • Three-Step Method for Determining Sign Strength
  • The Value of Mental Calculations
  • Example of Determining Sign Strength

2. Fine Tuning Planetary Strength By Sign Position

  • Gauging Strength With The Dispositor (Ruler)
  • Cancellation of Debilitation - Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
  • Use of the Navamsha Chart
  • Vargottama - The Best Division
  • Varga Vimshopak - Strength in Divisional Charts

3. Planetary Strength By House Position and Rulership

  • Planetary Strength By House Position
  • Angular and Trinal Houses
  • Directional Strength
  • Dusthana Houses
  • Upachaya Houses
  • Mild Malefic Houses
  • Maraka Houses
  • The Spectrum of House Beneficence
  • Planetary Strength By House Rulership
  • Yogakarakas
  • Dusthana Lords
  • Kendradhipati Dosha
  • The Maraka Lords
  • Example of House Position and Rulership Effecting Strength

4. Other Factors of Planetary Strength

  • Planetary Strength By Aspects and Conjunctions
  • Hemming in of Planets
  • Combustion
  • Planetary War - Graha Yuddha
  • Retrogression - Vakra
  • Sandhi and Gandanta
  • Determining the Effects of Planetary Strength

5. The Shad Bala System of Planetary Strength

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Shad Bala
  • The Six Criterion of Strength
  • Sthana Bala - Positional Strength
  • Dig Bala - Directional Strength
  • Kala Bala - Temporal Strength
  • Chesta Bala - Motional Strength
  • Naisargika Bala - Natural Strength
  • Drik Bala - Aspectual Strength
  • Use of Shad Bala
  • Summary of Steps for Determining Planetary Strength

6. Determining the Strength of Houses

  • The Three Steps for Determining House Strength
  • Planetary Influences on the House
  • Planetary Influences on the House Ruler and Significator

7. Exercises and Homework

  • The Strength Exercises
  • Strength By Sign Placement
  • Strength By House Placement
  • Natal Chart Skills Summary
  • The Condition of My Planets
  • Celebrity Strength

$ 19.95