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Quiz Answer: Maybe sometime in his life.

Most people picked answer #4 in the web poll 'Maybe sometime in his life,' which is correct. However, in the first part of the day most people had picked 'Yes, definitely.' This is the chart of a good friend of mine so it was fun to call him up and tell him that "Most people think you're a criminal!" which he thought was hilarious. 


Chart #1 - Quiz Chart

This is the chart of a middle-aged man who is a very successful self-made businessman. He was able to retire in his late-forties after selling two multi-million dollar companies - a property management firm as well as a security guard company. In his teenage years he sold drugs, which was the extent of his criminal activity. He's extremely ambitious by nature and easily takes on leadership roles. He also can be very tough and uncompromising, for instance, when it comes to firing an employee. At the same time he's known as a sensitive, caring person with a strong interest in occult or mystical knowledge. He's deeply spiritual with Ketu within a few degrees of the Moon, his ascendant lord. His criminal activity was in his Moon dasha from age 12 till age 22. Also, during that time he began a regular practice of meditation, which he has sustained for more than twenty five years. 


Chart #2 - Ted Bundy's Natal Chart 

Both his chart and the chart of Ted Bundy, the serial killer, have many similarities as well as significant differences. Both charts have a very strong Mars in its own or exalted sign in an angular house forming a ruchaka mahapurusha yoga. This indicates that Mars's qualities will predominate such as ambition, aggression, assertiveness. Both charts have the conjunctions of Mars, Ketu, and the Moon. Mars and Ketu are both fiery planets which further heightens the fiery qualities that Mars represents. The Moon represents the mind and in both charts is closely aspecting both Mars and Ketu within a few degrees. Ketu represents secret or occult activities that are outside of the norm. 

A main difference is that my friend has the feminine water sign of Cancer as a rising sign, while Bundy has Leo rising which is a masculine, fire sign. Cancer is a sensitive and caring sign, while Leo is a self-centered and ambitious sign. Leo is much more likely to be insensitive, dominating and impulsive which are prerequisites for criminal behavior. We have to give primary importance to the ascendant which is the 'stamba' or pillar of the chart. 

Another obvious difference is that Bundy has this conjunction of Mars, Ketu and the Moon in the 4th house while my friend has it in the 10th house. The 4th house is a private and secretive house while the 10th house is the opposite. It's in the visible portion of the sky, giving a very public disposition. Bundy's criminal activity was all secretive and covert. Even people who knew him didn't suspect his secret serial killer life. Scorpio is also an obsessive, intense sign. With Bundy's 5 planets there - Mars, Ketu, Moon, Sun, and Mercury - these qualities become extreme and excessive.