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In the aricle on 11/16 I mentioned how K.N. Rao describes the malefic planets as 'technical' planets. In addition, he calls the benefic planets 'artistic' planets.

This is the Vedic astrology chart of a woman who studied both piano and creative writing in high school and at a two year art college. We would expect to see strong influences by benefic planets in her chart on the key indications that represent education - 2nd, 4th, and 5th houses and their lords. In addition, Mercury, representing the intellect, and the personality indicators the ascendant, Sun and Moon should be considered. 

Notice how the ruler of the ascendant, Venus, is hemmed in by the benefic planets (shubha kartari yoga), Mercury and Jupiter, in sign of Cancer, a benefic sign, ruled by the Moon. Venus and Jupiter are also conjunct Mercury, which is not only the planet of education, but the 2nd and 5th lord, which are houses of education. The 4th lord Sun is also only influenced by benefic planets. This conjunction of four planets takes place in the 3rd house, the house of fine arts, communication and writing.

With Saturn and Rahu, two malefic planets, in the 4th house and Mars in the 2nd house you might think she could be attracted to technical subjects. However, this was not the case. Saturn's influence on the 4th house and the ascendant, as the yoga karaka 9th and 10th lord, has given her self-discipline. The benefic influences on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th lord, Mercury and Sun outweigh the other malefic influences for determining her educational path.