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From the Discussion Board, 12/16/2005 

I need a clarification on one of the points you had made on the last quiz entitled, Rise or Fall in Career? on 12/13/2005. The horoscope has Aries Lagna for which, Mercury, as the lord of 3rd and 6th houses, is a functional malefic. However, you have explained that Mercury being conjunct with Sun is capable of giving good results in its antardasha. It is much more logical to assume that as a functional malefic, it would be more inclined to give difficulties in career during its antardasha. - Indira 

Answer by Vaughn Paul:
Mercury is a significator of the 10th house of career along with the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. In this chart, Mercury's signification as a career giver becomes reinforced by being located in the 10th house of career with the Sun, and aspected by Jupiter, two other signficators of career. This must be noted separate from Mercury's temporal malefic rulership for Aries lagna, as the 3rd and 6th lord.

The Sun rules the 5th house, and Jupiter the 9th house, two houses of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. Both of these planets of wealth aspect Mercury. From the alternate lagnas of the Moon and Sun lagnas, Mercury becomes a temporal benefic, by becoming the ruler of the 9th house. Weighing these factors along with what has been mentioned on 12/13/2005, offsets the malefic status of Mercury as the 3rd and 6th lord in the 10th.

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