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Yogi Mookhanandji and K.N. Rao
Yogi Moorkhanandji and K.N. Rao in 1981

Question: Overall as a child and young adult, did you have some inkling that you had some specific purpose in life? Have you been an ambitious person?

K.N. Rao: I had always found astrology immensely fascinating and spiritually enlightening, but had never ventured out in the open. Most people knew me as a high-ranking officer in the government of India and only a very few close friends knew that I practiced astrology.

Coming to your question - No, I never felt that I had any specific purpose or mission in my life until a great Mahatma, late Moorkhanandji (whose actual name was Sri Vidyaranya) told me in 1980 that astrology was getting “eclipsed” but luckily had not totally vanished from our world. He said that the world would witness a revival of Jyotish through my instrumentality.

Now, twenty-four years later, I am realizing the truth of that great prophecy. Through the teamwork of many of us, and the blessings of my gurus and teachers, we have now produced thirty-six books offering insightful research in the field of Indian Astrology. We have also been running the largest school of astrology in the world at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, where nine hundred students attend our weekend courses on a regular basis. All this happened not because of my individuality or ambition. I was simply a conduit to the divine plan as blessed by Moorkhanandji.

reprinted with permission