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Sri Sivananda Murthy
Sri Sivananda Murthy

Question: Could you please give us some brief idea on how you go about making predictions from a horoscope? Also, there are two contrary viewpoints that you have presented in this interview – on the one hand you have said that Jyotish is a science, and on the other you have cited numerous examples of astrologers who made predictions intuitively without using a scientific/analytical approach. Could you also please provide some clarity on this conundrum?

K.N. Rao: Well-prepared data is the womb from which prediction is born. One has to balance analysis with synthesis. Some charts are simpler than others; the difficulty comes when multi-dimensional analysis has to be followed by synthesis. The synthesis leads to inference from which emerges a conclusion. Science of astrology is, in many ways, similar to medical diagnosis where blood tests, urine test, x-rays, cardiograms etc. are all used to arrive at a proper diagnosis. In this part of astrology where multi-dimensional analysis is involved, deep familiarity and experience with vast array of predictive techniques is the key to success.

As an astrologer advances, almost magically, more of intuition starts coming into play. Let me give you some examples. In 1973, a mother came to me to ask about her missing son. I looked at her face and something within told me that her son was coming home. I still made calculations and found that her son was safe and on his way back home, which is what happened. In another case, someone asked about his missing son. Before I even calculated, I got a strong intuition from within that the boy was killed. I made calculations and found some details that, later, turned out to be useful for police investigations. Through calculations, I also found that the dead body of the boy was in a water body and the killer was wearing red clothes. Later police investigations caught the criminal in red clothes and the dead body was recovered from under a stone in the Ganges River.

Therefore, sometimes the prediction comes in a flash of intuition. A formal analysis-synthesis exercise is done later only to confirm the intuitive prediction. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras tell us that there exists a Jyotishmati Nadi (or a predictive intuitive channel) within us, which when activated one can see past, present and future. Here one needs no horoscope or knowledge of astrology. I know of a person – Sivananda Murthy in Hyderabad. He did a lot of astrology in his youth. At present, he can tell you something about your future without a horoscope. Among the persons known to me, he is the only one alive with a fully activated Nadi (or channel) of this type.

Even if the Nadi is not fully active, in the case of every honest astrologer, he experiences this channel of intuition in some spells inspired by divinity. These experiences border on the mystical and lead the astrologer into the higher realms of existence – to find out our real purpose in being here. Such experiences take an astrologer towards God making him stop practicing astrology and devoting his life to spiritual activities only.

reprinted with permission