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Yogi Bhaskaranandji
Yogi Bhaskaranandji

From an Interview with K.N. Rao

Question: Your mother and Yogi Bhaskaranandji were your astrological Gurus. Can you give us a glimpse into your interaction with them and the learning you derived? Also, can you share some details of their lives?

K.N. Rao: Their method of teaching astrology was the classical ancient Hindu method. As they analyzed a horoscope, I was never allowed to keep the horoscope in front of me. I had to see it once and have a clear visual memory of it. Further when the analysis proceeded, I was trained to dynamically visualize the various planets, their aspects, positions etc. In fact as the training progressed, the verbal analysis would unfold itself as a visual dance-drama inside of me. Further I was required to do many of the intricate calculations mentally. I can unequivocally say that this method of training, more than any skill per se, has helped me immensely in practicing astrology. Based on this method of instruction, I later wrote the book, “Learn Hindu Astrology Easily”, in which I evolved a mnemonic memory tablet PACDARES. This is an eight-step analysis scheme that I recommend for every astrologer to follow before they get into the arena of making predictions.

reprinted with permission