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in Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions - ch. 9 

What is meant by the composite approach is that the same event should be looked at from different predictive systems say Vimshottari, Jaimini dashas, Tajika (Annual horoscope) and transits. If family members horoscopes are available they should be made use of. The famous Raj Jyotishis of earlier decades had this great advantage of not merely knowing the entire background of the native, but horoscopes of the members of the entire family as well. The result was an intensive in-depth composite approach to astrological predictions. 

After an event, good or bad, has taken place whether it was predicted by an astrologer or not, every conscientious astrologer must examine the data and draw convincing conclusions even if it is a post-mortem appraisal. It helps future predictions and gives to his own astrological skill a depth he would otherwise not acquire. It helps correct a mistake and discover a chink in one's astrological armour. 

reprinted with permission