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As mentioned in yesterday's quiz, eclipses can represent dramatic changes in people's lives, especially if they occur at key locations in the chart. This example is the most dramatic that I've seen. 

At the end of October 1994 I gave a reading to a woman who was planning to go to Peru to witness the total solar eclipse on November 3rd, 1994. She sensed that this trip represented a big shift in her life and wanted to know what her chart said. The eclipse was taking place in her ascendant. I told her, "You will be a very different person after this eclipse. This is a major transition in your life." 

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Solar Eclipse Nov 3, 1994 

Everything was pointing toward a major change of her identity or self, which the ascendant represents. First of all, the eclipse was taking place in her ascendant. This is a huge factor in and of itself. However, she was also running a Jupiter-Venus dasha. Jupiter is located in her ascendant, while Venus is her ascendant lord. Furthermore, Jupiter and Venus were both transiting through her ascendant at the time of the eclipse, along with the Sun, Moon, and Rahu! Lastly, Jupiter was also aspecting her Sun, thekaraka or significator of the 1st house. All these factors represented a big change and expansion of personal identity. Jupiter's aspect by transit on the Sun and the 9th lord, Mercury, during her Jupiter dasha suggests that this change takes place while traveling abroad in a foreign country. 

However, there's more. She was in a Venus sub period. Venus is the karaka of relationship. Venus is also conjunct the 7th lord, Mars, and in the 7th house from the Moon. Venus by transit was in her ascendant and conjunct the mahadasha lord, Jupiter. Furthermore, the double transit of Jupiter and Saturn, which represents an area of change or progress, was aspecting her 7th house. These factors combined represent the start of a new relationship and/or a change in an existing relationship. 

The first day she arrived in Peru, she met a man and fell in love. After the trip she came back, divorced her husband, and moved to Peru within six months. She eventually married the Peruvian man and they had a child together. 

Quiz Answer: #3 She met a man, fell in love and moved to Peru.