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Mata Amritanandamayi Ammachi
Ammachi, the 'Hugging Saint' from Kerala, S. India


in Astrological Journey Through History, Mystery and Horoscopes

"I asked Ammachi what she thought of the advent of Jyotish in the West," writes Linda Johnsen in the Yoga Journal (June, 1996). Ammachi said, "It is a good thing, because so many people can be helped. But at the same time it has a dark side. When a powerful predictive system falls into the hands of a powerful materialistic culture, the potential for abuse is enourmous. Jyotish must not be practiced with impure motivation. Astrologers concerned only with making money or gaining fame will not succeed." 

Ammachi, referred to by Linda Johnsen, is a great woman saint visiting the USA (and other countries) every year. 

reprinted with permission