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The 11th house is commonly known as the "house of gains." It is the 2nd house (money) from the 10th house (career), which indicates that it represents the gains or income from our profession. It is also a public house because it resides in the visible or public quadrant of the sky overhead along with the 9th and 10th houses. As one of the three kama houses (3, 7, 11) it corresponds with the air signs or social signs. For these reasons, the 11th house is also a house of status and recognition. Favorable planetary influences on the 11th house and 11th lord can represent someone with a strong position of influence.

The following is a chart is of a University Professor who has taught for over forty years. Her position is about as solid as one could hope for in a job. Notice how Venus, the 11th lord, is in its own sign of Libra, on an angle in the 4th house, aspected by yogakaraka Mars, the lord of the 5th and 10th house. She began teaching at the beginning of her Jupiter mahadasha, which was followed by her Saturn mahadasha. Jupiter and Saturn are both in the 11th house and form a raja yoga between the 7th and 9th lords. Looking at these planets from the alternate lagnas, the Moon and Sun, they again form raja yogas between the 5th and 7th lords in the 9th house. Her Jupiter and Saturn dashas (16 years and 19 years respectively) combined represented 35 years of recognition and status as a professor. They are also located in Taurus, which is a stable, steady, fixed earth sign. 

Now she is in a Mercury mahadasha, with Mercury exalted in the 3rd house. She is now spending a good deal of her time writing. If you look at Mercury from the Moon, Sun, or dasha lord Mercury then Mercury is the 1st and 10th lord exalted, conjunct the 11th lord Moon. This again shows the continued pattern of status and recognition that she has enjoyed since the late 60's.