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in Yogis, Destiny and the Wheel of Time - ch. 15 

An American friend asked me if I wanted to be promoted as a yogi in the USA. His arguments were that being brown-skinned I would succeed as a big hit because I could converse in English, recite Sanskrit shlokas and predict also as an astrologer, which no guru visiting the USA has ever done or does. I told him that one could become a guru after realizing God which has not happened to me. Even otherwise, if my own guru Swami Paramanand Saraswati had told me to become a guru, I would have had to become one even. I was therefore doubly disqualified to be a guru. I do the next best thing, under the instructions from my guru. I predict for people and ask them to do Sanskrit stotraswhich Maharshi Parashara and other great rishis have given us. It is the inseparable part of the Hindu tradition and Hindu astrology.

reprinted with permission