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This is the chart of the former US Senator and champion of the environment, Gaylord Nelson. He is famous for being the founder of Earth Day, which is celebrated today.

Unfortunately, an accurate birth time is not available so I'm entering 12:00 noon. Even without an accurate birth time it's worthwhile to study a celebrities chart. For instance, it's common to find planets in earth signs in the charts of environmentalists. In Nelson's chart both the Sun and Mercury are in the earth sign Taurus. The Sun is the planet of politics and Mercury is the planet of communication. Nelson was the most outspoken senator fighting for the environment since the early 1960's. At his first Senate speech on March 25, 1963 he said, "We need a comprehensive and nationwide program to save the national resources of America. Our soil, our water and our air are becoming more polluted every day." 

Another interesting point is that Jupiter is in Aries aspecting Mars in Leo. This is a combination that represents the courage to fight for ethical and legal battles. Jupiter represents law and ethics and Mars represents the fighting spirit and courage. Looking at the chart from the Moon or Chandra Lagna, Jupiter is the 9th lord in the 10th house of Aries aspecting Mars, the 10th lord in the 2nd house. This represents a career fighting and speaking out for noble causes.

"The ultimate test of a man's conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard." - Gaylord Nelson 

Gaylord Nelson's Vedic Astrology Chart