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Mr. A. Krishna Rao, a deeply spiritual man, was number three in hierarchy of the Syndicate Bank in 1983. The Chairman of the Bank was said to be involved in various cases of financial irregularities and the post of the Chairman would likely go to the Executive Director (No. 2). Would Mr. Krishna, a low-profile banker, be preferred for the post of the Executive Director at all in a period when flamboyance and political patronage and convenience mattered so much? 

A second question too sprang from my answer to the first if it was in the affirmative; the next Chairman would retire in the middle of 1984. Could Mr. Krishna Rao move to the top position also? So the question was could Mr. Krishna Rao get two promotions in about eight months with his "inconveniently clean image?"

Natal Chart of A. Krishna Rao

The first promotion in the case would have to be in the Rahu-Jupiter-Venus period. Out of three debilitated planets (Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun) two had their periods running now. 

Though a good deal is being said about debilitated planets now, I had said earlier and have had no occasion to change my position that debilitated 3rd or 6th lords (or I have found debilitated planets in the 3rd or 6th houses) give very good results. 

1. Debilitated 6th lord Jupiter aspecting the lagna creates a raja yoga.
2. Debilitated Venus in the 3rd house, aspected by Moon, is a raja yoga. 

In December (Rahu-Jupiter-Venus) Mr. Krishna Rao, as predicted by me, became the Executive Director of the Bank. In this case I had insisted that the order would be issued after Jupiter transited into Sagittarius (December 22). Mr Krishna Rao got his promotion on December 22, 1983. 

On July 10, 1984 (in Rahu-Jupiter-Mars) he was appointed regular chairman of the Syndicate Bank till September 4, 1986. Now in retirement, he is leading a beautiful spiritual life and spends him time in God-contemplation. 

Quote from Sage Parashara on debilitated planets causing raja yoga in his chapter entitled "Raja Yogas":

"It should be known that even if the lords of malefic houses (6, 8, 12) in their debilitation aspect the lagna (ascendant), it also causes raja yoga." 

- Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra ch. 41, v. 28 

reprinted with permission