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in Astrology and Karma - ch. 6

The child was born in the dasha of Mars, the 2nd lord (of speech) in the 6th house (illness), the antardasha of Rahu very close to the lagna, aspected by Mars (from the 6th house). The pratyantara dasha was of Saturn in the 2nd house of speech. Note: The aspect of Mars on Rahu or Ketu in any horoscope is an area of difficulties. The house involved will show where it would manifest. Here it is in the lagna, the body.

Natal Chart

Navamsha Chart

It should be seen if this is getting repeated in the navamsha also. Again here (in the navamsha) Mars does not spare the lagna and Rahu and the 2nd lord Jupiter. In turn, Mars aspects the 9th house from the 6th house (debt of the father). This is therinanubandhana (undischarged debts from a previous life which determines the family one is born into). 

The child was born speechless (mute). The father has spent a very heavy amount for his treatment. There is no relief. 

reprinted with permission