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Most people, if not all people, experience a time in their lives when it becomes imperative to focus on healing their bodies. They may be facing a healing crisis, or just wanting to take precautionary preventative measures, like cleaning up our diet or fasting etc. These time periods, of course, can be traced astrologically. 

The following chart is of a man who decided to give his body an overhaul, like rebuilding the engine of his car. He was in a Rahu-Mercury dasha and did a major detoxification program that involved fasting and eating only raw foods for several months. He didn't have any major ailments but was fighting some addictions and feeling lousy. 

Notice how Mercury is conjunct the Sun, the significator of the body, and in a parivartana yoga (exchange of signs) with Jupiter in the 6th house. The 6th house is the house of illness, and conversely the house of health and healing. Mercury is also in the 2nd house from the dasha lord, Rahu, and rules the 2nd house from the Moon. The 2nd house represents what we take into our mouth since it correlates to the sign of Taurus which represents the mouth and throat. It therefore represents food and diet. This healing phase extended into his Ketu sub period also with Ketu again being in the 2nd house from the lagna. During Ketu's dasha, Ketu was also transiting over Jupiter in the 6th house. In addition, the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter were both aspecting the lagna by transit (Jupiter has been in Libra, and Saturn in Cancer), which represents a focus on one's self and the body. See article on the double transit phenomenon.

He ended up completely changing his dietary habits, kicking the addictions (at least for now), lost lots of weight, and feels better than he has in a very long time. 

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