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This is the natal chart of Barry Bonds, the San Francisco Giants star outfielder who recently became second in all-time home runs by surpassing Babe Ruth's previous record of 714. However, a messy court proceeding looms over Bonds simultaneously with his success that could result in his indictment by the end of the month. Bonds previously testified under oath that he never knowingly used steriods and the evidence is mounting to the contrary. Consequently, he could be facing charges of perjury as well as other offenses like tax evasion, and money laundering. The sum total could land him up to five years in prison. Bonds has already announced that he will retire at the end of this season. 

He is currently running a Jupiter-Venus-Rahu period till November. Below is his natal chart, navamsa chart, and also the chart of the transits at the end of the month. What's your opinion? Will he get indicted?

Click below to vote in the poll, and check back tomorrow for a detailed explanation of my opinion. 

Vedic Astrology Birth Data of Barry Bonds 

Vedic Astrology Chart of Barry Bonds

Natal Chart of Barry Bonds

Navamsa Chart of Barry Bonds

Transits July 31, 2006