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Whitney Houston, one of the most successful female vocalists of all time, rose to fame in her 20 year Venus mahadasha, which began in July 1978. Notice how Venus becomes a yogakaraka planet for Aquarius rising, ruling both an angle and a trine - the 4th and 9th houses. Venus also forms multiple raja yogas with both Saturn, the lagna lord, and the Sun, the 7th lord. Additionally, Jupiter's aspect to Venus, as the 2nd and 11th lord, gives dhana or wealth producing yogas that increase her wealth and status. 

The peak of her fame, not surprisingly, came in her Venus-Saturn-Venus period with the release of the soundtrack for the movie, The Bodyguard, in the fall of 1992. This became one of the best-selling albums of all time. Saturn is both the ruler of her ascendant and a natural friend of Venus. It also mutually aspects Venus forming a raja yoga between the 1st, 4th and 9th lords. 

In the navamsha chart this pattern repeats with a vargottama Aquarius ascendant, where Saturn is again the ascendant lord and Venus the yogakaraka planet. Saturn this time forms a raja yoga with the 7th lord, the Sun, due to their mutual aspect and exchange of signs. Saturn also forms a favorable trinal relationship with Venus. In the dashamsha chart, Saturn is in Venus's sign of Taurus in the 11th house, and the 10th house from Venus. 

Whitney first came to fame in her Venus-Rahu period in the mid to late 1980's with her debut album that was one of the best selling albums ever. Rahu is also a natural friend of Venus and mutually aspects Venus in both the navamsha and dashamsha charts. In the navamsha chart, especially, Rahu is in a trinal house, aspected by Venus a trinal and angular lord, forming a raja yoga according to sage Parashara

Whitney's Venus gives raja yoga and its repeated, favorable connections with Saturn and Rahu in the natal chart, navamsha, and dashamsha charts show the ability to give success and fame in these sub periods especially. 

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