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photo edgar cayce

Many years ago I was told that Edgar Cayce, the renowned American psychic who died in 1945, predicted that Sidereal astrology (Vedic astrology) would be the astrology of the future. I have not yet found an exact quote to confirm this claim, however, I have found the following quotes that reveal that he at least advocated the use of the sidereal or Vedic horoscope. 

The 'readings' that these quotes refer to were given to clients while in trance. These were later catalogued by Cayce's A.R.E. institute.

"Yet another complication that arises in the readings for students of astrology was revealed in comments that Cayce made suggesting that there were flaws in the Egyptian system of astrology, which is most prevalently used. The "tropical" or Egyptian system of astrology, which is most commonly used by astrologers such as Evangeline Adams, is almost thirty degrees different from the "sidereal" or Persian system advocated by Cayce, which then, as now, was the less popular means of casting astrological charts." 
(pg 274, Edgar Cayce: an American Prophet)

"Indeed, the actual constellations no longer match the placement of the signs in present-day western astrology. The readings suggest that an accurate study of astrology would include the incorporation of the changing equinoxes."
(pg. 80, Edgar Cayce's Astrology for the Soul)

Other interesting quotes about astrology by Cayce: 

"But let it be understood here, that no action of any planet or any of the phases of the Sun, Moon or any of the heavenly bodies surpass the rule of man's individual will power." 
(pg 271, Edgar Cayce: an American Prophet

"Not that there are not definite helps to be attained from astrology, but those who live by same the more oft are controlled rather than controlling their own lives and destinies. Astrology is a fact, in most instances. But astrological aspects are but signs, symbols. No influence is of greater value or of greater help than the Will of an individual." (Reading 815-6) 

Question: "Would it be well for me to make a study of astrology?"

Cayce: "Well for everyone to make a study of astrology!"