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What is Guru Chandala Yoga is worth exploring. First see some parameters I have evolved after seeing Guru Chandala Yoga and watching behaviors of persons who have it in their horoscopes. 

1. Guru (Jupiter) must be afflicted by Rahu. 
2. Or, Jupiter conjoined with Ketu is aspected by a malefic.
3. The 9th house and Jupiter are afflicted.
4. If there is a connection between the 6th and 9th lords, one of them a malefic or retrograde, and both of them forming some sort of relationship there is an element of Guru Chandala Yoga. 
5. The results of Guru Chandala Yoga should be manifest most in the mahadashas or the antaradashas of Rahu and Jupiter. Though operative in the whole of life, its virulence seems to be felt most in the dashas of Jupiter and Rahu, in their mahadashas and antardashas. 

9th House and Afflicted Jupiter
Jupiter, representing idealism, if not retrograde and aspected by a malefic, or if weak or ill placed, must diminish or even mar one's idealism. A good, well-placed and unafflicted Jupiter is seen in the lives of those of those who stick to idealism even if their enemies increase and, also their difficulties. Jupiter represents tradition which includes respect for all gurus starting with mother, father, and mantra guru and shikshakas (teachers). 

It will be seen that, in all cases, afflicted Jupiter and Rahu are the central points of Guru Chandala Yoga. But afflicted 9th or 5th lords must be there to ruin the finer tradition of families, societies and even nations. The 5th and 9th houses are the houses of spiritual merit of this and the past life. 

reprinted with permission