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Continued from the article Denzel Washington's Rahu Giving Fame

Denzel Washington's Rahu-Sun period bringing fame is yet another example of the Vimshottari dasha giving very exact and predictable results on the basis of chitrapaksha ayanamsha (Lahiri) using 365.25 dasha years.....but highlighting also the necessity of incorporating the use of the appropriate divisional chart (D-10 for career and achievement) when looking at a particular period and sub-period. (Sun is exalted in the D-10) 

However, it was not until he moved into the subsequent period of his extremely exalted Jupiter that his film career really took off. (Note that from Chandra lagna, Jupiter is the 3rd lord of acting involved in a real results-giving Gaja Kesari Yoga.)

Denzel Washington's astrological birth information

Denzel Washington's horoscope
Denzel Washington's Natal Chart

One career peak came in March of 1990 when he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in "Glory." Which brings me to one of the most interesting features of his chart. Note that at 4 degrees of Cancer, Jupiter is in Saturn's nakshatra, Pushyami and that at 24 degrees of Libra, Saturn is in Jupiter's nakshatra of Vishaka. In other words, his exalted Jupiter and exalted Saturn are involved in a nakshatra exchange (sookshma parivarthana yoga) that creates a very strong connection (sambhanda) between them. Additonally, Saturn throws its 10th house aspect onto Jupiter. 

In March of 1990 when he won his Oscar, he was running Jupiter-Saturn-Jupiter in Vimshottari. 

His present period is Saturn-Saturn-Mercury. Hmmmm. Based on everything we have seen about his Saturn...particularly the subtle exchange with Jupiter...his career should continue to be should his asking price per picture... given the especially wealth-giving qualities of his Saturn!

Moreover, in D-10 Saturn is either the 5th lord in the 10th (if you take Virgo as the D-10 lagna) or a yogakaraka planet in the 9th (if you accept my conjecture about Libra as the D-10 lagna). Either way, it's dignity in D-10 is that of "Great Friend" and creates a connection with the sub-sub-period lord, Mercury.

Denzel Washington's Dashamsha Chart

Denzel Washington's Dashamsha Chart

The dasha lord, Saturn, is transiting his 9th house of forturne the day of the ceremony, and Jupiter by transit will be in his 10th house, closely aspecting his 10th lord Mercury, as well as the dasha lord Saturn.

Obviously, it is another "high water mark" for his career, but all this could just reflect the fact that he is a nominee. The question remains, "Will he win?" 

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Note from Vaughn Paul
Marc subsequently analyzed the charts of Russell Crowe and Sean Pean who were the other nominees for Best Actor. He chose Denzel Washington to win and ... he was right! Denzel Washington won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2002 for his role inTraining Day