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from his website,

A friend has passed on the birth details of Gordon Brown who is tipped to be the successor of Tony Blair whose exit from British politics is now certain and, in a way, finalized. 

A quick verification on the basis of some facts relevant show the correctness of the horoscope.

1) Brown entered the parliament in the mahadasha of Venus exalted in the lagna and the antardasha of Jupiter in 1983 the tenth lord.

2) He was married on 3 August 2000 in the mahadasha of Moon and the antardasha Jupiter and pratyantara dasha of Mercury.

3) In the mahadasha of Moon, the fifth lord, he became father of some children which is clear astrologically though there were some mishaps.

Gordon Brown's Birth Information

Gordon Brown's Natal Chart

Proceeding on this basis see some of the features of the horoscope:

1) Mars and Jupiter the ninth and tenth lords for this purpose combine with Sun (in the 12th house) which shows the struggle involved in the fulfilment of this rajayoga.

2) The mahadasha of Mars starts from 8 April 2007 and the antardasha will be over on 4 September 2007, which should be the astrological time frame in which Brown should find himself in the position of the Prime Minister of England. 

In Chara Dasha

He is now passing through Tula Kumbha (Libra-Aquarius) from 21 May 2006 with Amatyakaraka, Mercury, aspecting the 10th house (from Aquarius). The antardasha of Mesha (Aries) will begin from 22 March 2007 and last up to 21 August 2007, from where the Amatyakaraka in the tenth house should see him in the top position.

In examining this horoscope, it must be seen that this is a horoscope in which there is so much struggle involved in attaining the high position of the prime minister. It does not appear strong enough for him to retain this post too long. Maybe the Labour Party itself may not do so well in the next general elections after three terms under Tony Blair. 

gordon brown's chara karakas  

reprinted with permission