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Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard is one of the most influential Christian leaders in the US. He has been the president of the National Association of Evangelicals (N.A.E.) with 30 million members nationwide, as well as the founder and head pastor of the New Life Church, a megachurch of 14,000 members in Colorado Springs. Yesterday, his untarnished public image may have been permanently marred as allegations surfaced that he has been in a three year relationship with a male prostitute and used drugs during their encounters. This is an outrageous accusation since Haggard is the leading opponent of the gay marriage amendment. Haggard initially denied all charges but then when his accuser, Mike Jones, provided incriminating voice mail recordings from Haggard he was forced to admit at least some of the allegations. He immediately resigned as leader of the N.A.E. as shockwaves rippled across the US Christian community.

Ted Haggard's birth information

Ted Haggard's natal horoscope
Ted Haggard Natal Chart

When this kind of news appears I like to try to find the person's birth information and see if I can find astrological reasons for the events. In this case, Haggard's birth time is not available so I just used 12:00 noon. No matter what time of the day he was born he would now be somewhere in his 19-year Saturn mahadasha. While we don't know his correct ascendant we can always just analyze the chart from chandra lagna or the Moon ascendant. 

We can also always look at the transits of the major planets. Interestingly, the day that the story came out on November 2nd, Saturn had just transited into Leo. In Haggard's chart this puts Saturn into a tight opposition with his Moon in Aquarius. Saturn's transits are always significant since it's the slowest moving transit. However, Saturn's transit becomes even more significant during Saturn's dasha. Mantreshwara's classic text, Phaladeepika, says during Saturn's transit in the 7th house from the Moon "The native's wife suffers and he himself may apprehend danger."Saturn's transit in the 7th house from the Moon can be a time of great emotional hardship. It generally indicates potential challenges in the area of relationship, and a need to focus on one's emotional, personal and family life.

Ted Haggard's transits
Transits November 2, 2006

For Haggard this must be a gross understatement as his life has crumbled over the past 2 days. Saturn is a planet of responsibility and its transit will show the areas that we need to be responsible and accountable. Saturn's close conjunction by transit over natal Jupiter indicates Haggard's need to come clean with his lack of integrity. It's likely that either the Moon or Jupiter is his 10th lord or at least in the 10th house, because of Saturn's tight transit over these planets at the time of such a devastating public scandal. 

In Haggard's natal chart notice how Mercury is aspected only by malefic planets. An afflicted Mercury is typical in the charts of liars, hypocrites, and con men. In a letter to his congregation that was read at the Sunday service after the allegations hit the news Haggard admits that he's been sexually immoral, a liar and a deceiver. Read part of 

This article was originally titled, "Ted Haggard's Sudden Fall from Grace," but then I thought that that sounds quite harsh. We all make mistakes and 'fall from grace.' I think it's healthier to think of mistakes as temporary ignorance that can be corrected. In Haggard's chart, his gajakesari yoga formed by the opposition of Jupiter and the Moon, and his chandra mangala yoga formed by the conjunction of Mars and the Moon also indicates someone with a positive, resilient spirit. This event certainly represents a major turning point in his career and personal life, but these yogas indicate that he could have the ability to bounce back. It would take an accurate birth time to know for sure.