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from Timing Events Through Vimshottari Dasha
- ch. 10 

Continued from the article: An Astrologer's Difficult Moments

Natal Chart


8. The most significant factor is the beginning of the sadhe-saatiof the child with the Saturn in the weakest house in sarvashtaka, in which he would remain until March 5, 1993. 

9. Equally bad was the transit of Saturn in Capricorn in the Binnashtaka of Mars, the 3rd and the 8th lord, where there is no positive point at all (0 points). 

These nine points are unfavorable. (See the other 7 points from the previous article An Astrologer's Difficult Moments.)

Transits on August 18, 1992


Binnashtakavarga of Mars

Saving Factors

1. It is a night birth of the bright lunar half, shukla paksha. The Moon must, therefore, protect the child like the Goddess Mother as the astrological classics emphasize.

2. The Moon well aspected by Jupiter was another point. 

3. Some astrological classics state that if in a night birth there are malefics in the lagna, they too offer protection. 

The most important point is the Jupiter is aspecting the Moon of the child. Prayers must be offered. Jupiter is Lord Shiva, lord Tryambaka of the great Mrityunjaya mantra

I made them recite Mrityunjaya mantra with me and asked them to do so regularly and assured them that, in April 1993, the child would become normal. 

Transits on April 1, 1993

After Saturn transited into Aquarius in March 1993, the child started improving and in April 1993 he became normal in the sub-sub-period of Jupiter in the major period of Jupiter and the sub-period of Mercury. 

This is the story of the second son of Sri C.V. Avadhani, of the Indian Audit and Accounts Service from which I retired in November, 1990. 

reprinted with permission