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from Journal of Astrology, July-Sept 2001

Letter to K.N. Rao:

Namaskar Mr. Rao,
As you correctly predicted in November my job is coming to an end here in the US. It's because of marketing conditions. I have been very confused as to start something on my own in India and in US (software development) or just keep it low and look for another job which is very difficult to find right now. If you can say astrologically what makes more sense for me I would highly appreciate it. Regards, L.K.

It is one of the many letters I received through email from Indians, particularly telling me about their loss of jobs in USA after disaster hit IT industry in USA first and after that the rest of the world, particularly India which has the largest pool of trained software engineers in the world. 

How this can be seen and predicted in individual horoscopes is shown here.

Natal Chart

In Vimshottari dasha he was passing through Rahu-Jupiter. The antardasha lord Jupiter is the 9th and 12th lord in the birth horoscope and is placed in the 8th house in the dashamsha aspected by Mars. 


Dashamsha Chart

In Yogini dasha it is Mars-Rahu. As the 8th lord, the aspect of Mars on the 10th lord, Saturn, in the lagna should show disturbance in his work. Such results manifest in the antardashas which indicate 'trouble'. Sankata or Rahu though well placed in the horoscope is troublesome here. 

In Chara dasha, it Kanya (Virgo) mahadasha and the antardasha is Dhanu (Sagittarius). From Kanya the amatyakaraka (Sun - planet with 2nd highest degrees) is in the 3rd house and from Dhanu, it is in the 12th house which shows his struggle.

Out of so many Indians in the software field in the USA, some are facing difficulties in job and others are as secure as they have been for some years. This is clearly visible in their horoscopes.

In Vimshottari dasha it was Rahu-Jupiter from Jan 27, 2001 until Jan 23, 2003. 

In Yogini dasha it was Bharamari-Sankata (Mars-Rahu) from June 29, 2001 until May 20, 2002.

In Chara dasha is was Kanya-Dhanu (Virgo-Sagittarius) from June 10, 2001 until March 11, 2002.

reprinted with permission