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from the Jyotish-List Yahoo Groups Archives
Written Mar 31, 2002

I saw a sports headline yesterday indicating that Serena Williams won the Nasdaq-100 tennis tournament, defeating Jennifer Capriati. She was only an 8th seed, and to win she had to defeat the three top ranked woman consecutively, including her sister, Venus.

Obviously, it is quite an achievement and marks a highpoint in her tennis career. I did not predict it, but I have been watching both her and her sister Venus's charts, since they are both running excellent dasha-antardasha for major success. Serena's birth data from her certificate is:

Serena Williams Birth Data

Serena Williams Vedic Astrology horoscope
Serena Williams's Natal Chart

Her rise to the top ranks of woman's professional tennis has all come in her Mars dasha period which began in September of 1997 when she was 16. Her Mars is a debilitated lagna lord in the 4th house with Rahu, giving a raja yoga (1st trikona lord in the 4th angle...and Rahu in a kendra with a trikona lord - see Rahu and Ketu Giving Raja Yoga). 

The strength of the yoga is deceptive since Mars is in its debilitation Cancer. However, see that in the navamsha it is exalted in Cancer. Her Mars is not giving the results of a debilitated planet at all. Quite the contrary. 

Serena Williams Navamsha Chart
Serena Williams's Navamsha Chart

The other notable feature of her birth chart is the three planet conjunction in her 6th house of competition involving the 10th lord Saturn, the 9th lord Jupiter, and the 5th lord Sun. 

This dramatic raja yoga involving the 10th lord of career configured in a significant raja yoga and connected to the 6th house or 6th lord, is the kind of thing you see repeatedly in the charts of world-class professional athletes. 

The connection to the 3rd house of sports, performance etc. comes through dispositorship. Her 10th lord Saturn is in Mercury's sign Virgo, ruling both the 6th house and the 3rd house. The dasha of Mars, in which her success has come, is in Mercury's nakshatra.

She is currently running Mars-Ketu-Venus (as of Mar 31, 2002 when the article was written). Mars-Ketu, with Ketu in the 10th strongly activates the raja yoga. Venus is also in an angle in its own sign, with another benefic. Note how this dasha sequence highlightes three planets in kendras and therefore all in kendras from each other.

All three of these planets are well-placed in the dashamsha (D-10) as well. With Mars in the 4th, Ketu in the 5th and Venus in the 11th in its own sign. 

Parenthetically, another high point of her career....winning the the U.S. Open title in September of 1999...came in Mars-Jupiter-Venus. In the dashamsha chart, Jupiter is in its moolatrikona sign, Sagittarius, in the 6th house of competition.

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Serena Williams Vedic Astrology Dashamsha Chart

Serena Williams's Dashamsha Chart

reprinted with permission