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Last month I was married (my first marriage) to Eleykaa Tahleh and thought everyone might be interested in seeing the wedding muhurta (timing of an event) that I picked. Click here to visit our wedding website with lots of pictures. 

Our biggest limitation to finding the 'perfect' muhurta was that we had a big wedding reception planned, with family and friends flying in to attend, which made it necessary for it to be on the weekend. In India, weddings are often scheduled at any hour or any day of the week to accommodate the 'perfect' muhurta. Obviously, we didn't have that luxury since we wanted to make it comfortable and efficient for everyone by not scheduling it on a work day. 

Our wedding ceremony was at 8:30 in the morning, which would typically be too early for a wedding but we planned to have that be private with only our minister, Dr. Ramdas Lamb, our photographer and one witness, our cousin Kamala. Ramdas performed a traditional Hindu fire ceremony and the wedding reception followed in the afternoon with about 100 guests. 

Vaughn Paul & Eleykaa's wedding muhurta

Natal Chart

April seemed like the best month. The eclipses in March had already passed, and Venus was in its own sign in Taurus, and aspected by Jupiter. The other non-astrological reason was that His Holiness the Dalai Lama was giving two public lectures on Maui, where we live, which would add to the festive atmosphere. We decided to get married two days before the Dalai Lama arrived so that seeing him would be like getting a blessing for our marriage, which is how it ended up being. 

Here is a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages of the muhurta:

- Taurus is a fixed lagna - good for stability and longevity
- Lagna lord, Venus, in its own house
- Lagna lord Venus aspected by Jupiter
- Benefics Venus and Jupiter in angular houses
- Malefics Saturn, Mars, and Rahu in upachaya houses
- Saturn becomes a temporal benefic and yogakaraka for Taurus so can cause the least amount of harm in general. 
- Moon is waxing (in shasti tithi, which is good but not great like panchami or dashami). 
- Moon unaspected by malefics (however not aspected by benefics either)
- Moon in Jupiter's nakshatra so we begin our marriage with Jupiter dasha (however Jupiter's also the 8th lord)
- Mercury is neecha banga - aspected by it's dispositer Jupiter
- 2nd and 5th lord aspected by 11th lord in the 11th house - good for finances
- 9th lord Saturn aspects to the 9th house which protects 9th house matters 
- 4th lord (domestic happiness) is Sun is exalted and aspected by the 9th lord

- Moon in nakshatra Punarvasu, moderately good for marriage but not typically known as a marriage nakshatra. 
- Moon in 2nd house - which is a neutral house but not great like a trine or angle.
- 8th lord in the 7th house
- 7th lord Mars on the Rahu/Ketu axis
- Venus aspected by Mars, the 12th lord on the Rahu/Ketu axis
- Venus aspected by the 8th lord
- 4th house aspected by malefics Mars and on the Rahu/Ketu axis 
- 4th lord in 12th house aspected by Saturn

I believe that the fixed lagna and Venus, the lagna lord and significator of marriage, in its own sign in the lagna aspected by Jupiter offsets the challenges of the chart.