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Upon initial examining the rashi chart of FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) it may not seem particularly powerful, or at least what you might expect of the only President in U.S. history to be elected to four consecutive terms. But you may recall that the Virgo lagna chart of JFK (John F. Kennedy) has the 1st and 10th lord Mercury in the 8th house with the 8th lord Mars and aspected by the 6th lord Saturn. He also struggled with severe and debilitating health problems, yet became President.

To see how and why both obtained the highest office in the land, you need to zero in on the dashas in which this occurred, and in particular, see the chart from the perspective of chandra lagna, along with the divisional charts. 

In FDR's case, he was first elected President in Novemer of 1932 in Mercury-Moon dasha. Note how both of these are connected to the 10th house, with Mercury ruling the 10th, and his bright, waxing Moon in the 10th. It is a classical principle that planets ruling or placed in the 10th can, generally speaking, give very good results. 

Mercury is placed in the 6th house from birth lagna, but see that it is in the 9th house from Chandra lagna. From Mercury's position in Aquarius, the sub-period lord Moon goes into the 5th house of rajya (authority to rule) with Mars the 10th lord (from Aquarius). 

FDR's Vedic Horoscope

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Natal Chart

For those of you who may be doubting Virgo lagna in favor of Leo lagna which Dr. Raman gives in his book, Notable Horoscopes, I first want to say that I've considered Leo lagna extensively, which is why I favor Virgo and why I first commented on FDR's chart. Here are a few important points: 

See how FDR was stricken with polio in his Saturn-Rahu dasha, with Saturn debilitated in the 8th house as the 6th lord, with the maraka Jupiter (7th lord). Note that the sub-period lord falls into the 8th house from the dasha lord. This 6-8 relationship continues in the drekkana and dwadashamsha divisional charts, which must be seen for health. 

Note also how Saturn goes into the 8th house of incurable, debilitating disease in the rashi, navamsha, and drekkana charts. Virgo lagna shows it clearly, but Leo lagna - not at all. 

FDR's navamsha chart (D-9)

FDR's drekkana chart (D-3)

FDR's dwadashamsha chart (D-12)

reprinted with permission