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from the Jyotish-List Yahoo Groups Archives

Because it is a favorite theme of mine, I will add some additional comments on FDR's chart from the perspective of the Jaimini system and chara dasha.

The Jaimini Karakas (using K.N. Rao's method of using 7 karakas, not 8) are:

AK - Jupiter
AMK - Sun
BK - Moon
MK - Saturn
PK - Venus
GK - Mercury
DK - Mars

FDR's Vedic Horoscope
Franklin D. Roosevelt's Natal Chart

The combination in FDR's chart of his Amatyakaraka Sun (planet with the 2nd highest degrees) and his Putrakaraka Venus (planet with the 5th highest degrees) in the 5th house Capricorn is a first-rate Jaimini raja yoga.

Using Chara dasha, FDR obtained his first poltical office in his 9 
year Capricorn period, which ran from 1903 to 1912. As Capricorn is also the navamsha lagna, he married during this period as well. As Capricorn is the 5th house of his birth chart and contains his Putrakaraka, Venus, he also had four of his children during this period.

Navamsha Chart - divisional chart for marriage

He obtained the Presidency in his Pisces period, from where this raja yoga involving the AmK (Sun) and PK (Venus) falls in the 11th house. He won his second term in the Aries period, from where it falls in the 10th house. He won his 3rd term in the Taurus period from where it falls in the 9th house. And his 4th term ended abruptly with his death in the Gemini period, from where it falls in the 8th house. This is all in keeping with the interpretive principles of Jaimini.

And parenthetically, for those evaluating the use of 7 versus 8 karakas, if you use 8 karakas and include Rahu, Venus no longer becomes the PK, and the AmK-PK raja yoga disappears. In this case, his career rise and political office, and many children in the Capricorn period, is not nearly as clearly indicated.

One final point. The use of many special lagnas is characteristic of the Jaimini system for an in depth analysis of a birth chart. A special lagna used to assess the obtaining of power and positions of power is the Ghatika lagna, which for FDR is Scorpio. Scorpio is also his karakamsha lagna, another very important Jaimini lagna.

In FDR's chart, his Ghatika lagna Scorpio and the 10th house from there (Leo) both get the Jaimini (sign) aspect of the AK Jupiter, the Amk Sun, the PK Venus and the 5th lord Saturn. These are all factors that make for Jaimini raja yogas. From this perspective, it is a very powerful chart for obtaining political power.

One other special Jaimini raja yoga may also apply here. Jaimini sutra 1.3.24 states that birth lagna, hora lagna, and ghatika lagna all related to one planet gives a powerful raja yoga. The Mars-Moon combination in FDR's chart aspects (sign) the birth lagna, Virgo, and the Hora lagna, Pisces. The ghatika lagna Scorpio is ruled by Mars, who is conjunct the Moon. Mars in FDR's chart gets dig bala and is related to all three lagnas.

I believe that seeing his chart from the perspective of Jaimini's chara dasha accounts, in part, for his unique destiny of being elected to the office of President for an unprecedented four terms.

reprinted with permission