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from Ups and Downs in Career, - ch. 7

Letter from M.R. Sabnis, written December 1983:
"I read your articles in 
The Astrological Magazine. After great hesitation I am writing this letter to you to know something about the future of my son, who is not settled in life. I have prepared and am sending herewith the following horoscope prepared by me... He has now completed his degree course in USA and his final exam is taking place this month and the result will be out in the first week of February 1984. His future in USA depends on the final results."

On December 7, 1983 I wrote to Mr. Sabnis and predicted brilliant test results for his son. On January 30, 1984, Mr. Sabnis wrote the following letter: "As predicted by you, he got very good results in his exam. He secured 92% marks (100% in two subjects and 87% in 3 subjects). This is a combined exam for all universities in the 14 states in the north eastern region. Now his worry about settling in USA is completely over. Such a grand success was least expected."

Natal Chart

The Basis of my Prediction

Note that the results came out in the Moon-Jupiter-Mercury dasha from Nov 5, 1983 - January 13, 1984. 

Birth horoscope: Jupiter is in the 11th from the lord of the mahadasha, the Moon. Mercury is the 10th lord beautifully well-placed from the Moon and Jupiter, aspected by Jupiter. The result of Mercury in Leo aspected by Jupiter is distinction and prosperity. And then Mercury is also associated with Venus must take part in the results promised by Venus, which among others are 'great fame.' Jupiter in Aquarius aspected by Venus (and Mercury) gives distinction in studies. 

Once you know that V.M. Sabnis would appear for his exams in the Moon-Jupiter-Mercury dasha, you know what to expect. I am pointing it out as an example of God's scheme - the rotation of the wheel of time. 

Navamsha: The Moon-Jupiter-Mercury form an axis along the "foreign" line (the 12th house represents foreign countries), with a Gajakesari yoga of fame (Moon/Jupiter on an angle from one another). 

Navamsha Chart

Chaturvimshamsha: Now go deeper. Maharishi Parashara has prescribed Chaturvimshamsha (also called Siddhamsha - 24th divisional chart) for education. The Moon-Jupiter in the house of position, the 7th house (10th house from the 10th house and in gajakesari yoga), and Mercury in the house of gains with the exalted Sun (and aspected by Jupiter) promises sweet fruits of labor. 

Chaturvimshamsha Chart

Re-interpret it from the pada lagna (Aries). The Moon Jupiter and Mercury are one, eleven, five. 

Now apply the transits: 
On December 7th, 1983 Saturn was in Libra aspecting the 5th house of Sabnis, the house of education, which is the sign of Aries. Jupiter was in Scorpio on Mars, the 5th lord of education of Sabnis. The double transit was perfect and complete for him to achieve distinction in studies. 

Transits on December 7, 1983

Jupiter will be in the 9th from the natal Moon from December 22, 1983 and the Sun already in Sagittarius will be in the 10th from the Moon. On the day the results came out "unexpectedly" on January 13, 1984, Jupiter and Mercury were in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries - the three concerned dasha lords in the friendliest "transit-moods." Such was the happy position. And for Sagittarius lagna, the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in lagna, in transit promise a raja yoga. 

Looking at the horoscope you know it to be that of a boy who would reach the stars. That is predestined. 

reprinted with permission