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The following birth data is given for Tiger Woods in the AstroDatabank software program:

December 30, 1975
22:50 Pacific Standard Time
Long Beach, California

It is said to come from "birth certificate in hand," which gives it the highest rating of AA in Rodden's birth time rating system. However, this does place his ascendant at less than 1 degree Virgo. This conjurs up the question as to whether he could have Leo ascendant, which would be the case if his birth time was actually five or more minutes earlier. 

The only way to proceed to verify the correctness of a birth time, in my view, is to take a rather complete history and evaulate the two lagnas (with vargas) against the timing of his life events. It is always an interesting intellectual exercise, but quite time consuming if you are being thorough. I am not finding the time to pursue this kind of thorough research of Tiger Wood's lagna question.

However, there is one comment I will make, in favor of Virgo. In 1997, he agreed to do endorsements for both Nike and Titleist - contracts that were worth $60 million over five years. This happened in Venus-Saturn dasha.

Tiger Wood's Natal Chart

Tiger Wood's Natal Chart

If you use the principle, which I strongly recommend, that the nakshaktra lord of the mahadasha planet provides vitally important clues as to what results the dasha period will bring, then Saturn's positon and disposition becomes very important since Venus is in Saturn's nakshatra, Anuradha. And, of course, this creates a strong connection (sambandha) between these two planets, with implications about the special significance of the Venus-Saturn dasha/antardasha.

Leo lagna is tempting because of the way the Venus-Mars exchange becomes a powerful 9-10 raja yoga. But Leo puts Saturn in the 12th house of expense, loss etc., and Saturn's mutual aspect with Mercury becomes neither a raja yoga or dhana yoga, which you'd expect to see in Tiger's chart clearly. 
Venus, the dasha lord giving all this wealth, becomes the 3rd and 10th lord with the 12th lord Moon. Only the mutual aspect with Mars, who becomes the 9th lord of fortune and yogakaraka planet for Leo, suggests wealth in this period. 

On the other hand, take Virgo lagna, and great wealth in Venus, and in Venus-Saturn particularly, becomes perfectly obvious. The Venus-Moon conjunction becomes a combination of the 2nd and 9th lord Venus, with the 11th lord Moon. And most importantly, Saturn becomes the 5th lord in the 11th in mutual aspect with a vargottama 1st and 10th lord Mercury. These combinations are very good dhana yogas, in which case, great wealth in Venus-Saturn is well accounted for.

The periods that put him on top of the sports world at such a young age were Venus-Jupiter and Venus-Saturn. Note that both of these sub-period lords fall in trines from the dasha lord, Venus.

Looking further into the vargas (divisional charts), the dashamsha (D-10 or career chart), derived from an early degree Virgo lagna, gives Venus as the lagna lord falling in the 4th house. Saturn becomes the yogakaraka 9th and 10th lord in the ascendant. Planets in angular positions become powerful, especially if they are also trinal lords, as is the case with Venus and Saturn in the D-10. There is also a general rule that planets placed in the ascendant in a varga chart will give significant events, in the planet's dasha, pertaining to that varga's area of domain. Saturn in the lagna appears quite powerful for Wood's career in Venus-Saturn dasha. 

Tiger Wood's Dashamsha Chart

Tiger Wood's Dashamsha chart (D-10) 

Using a Leo ascendant in the natal chart, the D-10 lagna becomes Aries placing Saturn and Venus in the 2nd and 5th houses respectively. This is still powerful for wealth, but without the angular placements it strikes me as less convincing. 

For these reasons, I cast my vote for a Virgo lagna for Tiger.