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This is a chart of an older man who will be having a surgery next month on his prostate. It's not a life threatening situation but a surgery none the less. He's running his Jupiter-Venus-Mars dasha. At first glance it may be difficult to see why this dasha would bring any health concerns. Jupiter and Venus are both benefic planets. Jupiter is also a temporal benefic as the 5th lord and aspects the ascendant. It's in an angular position and benefics on angles protect health, especially if they also aspect the ascendant or the ascendant lord. In addition, Jupiter is in a gajakesari yoga with Moon which strengthens it further. Venus and Mars, the sub period lords, are both aspected by Jupiter and don't rule houses pertaining to health concerns. Like I said, it's not immediately obvious why this would be a time period for any health concerns. 

Jupiter, however, is in the 7th house, a maraka house, which can represent health challenges. It's also the 8th lord which can represent chronic illness or obstacles in general. These points offer some clues especially because this man is almost seventy. The older we get the more signficant is the 8th lord and maraka lords or planets in maraka houses (2 and 7) for health challenges. Since the Moon is on the ascendant, Jupiter also is the 8th lord from the Moon. Venus and Mars are both in the 11th house, which is a secondary house for health problems or disease because it is the 6th house from the 6th house of disease. 

These clues from the ascendant and the Moon lagna's give some initial suggestions of possible health challenges, but looking at this chart from Surya lagna or the Sun ascendant makes it more obvious. The Sun is the karaka or significator for health in general and the 1st house, the primary house for health. Therefore, to analyze the chart from Surya lagna when analyzing health makes good logical sense. In this case, Jupiter again becomes the 8th lord but instead of being a temporal benefic it becomes a temporal malefic as the 8th and 11th lord from Taurus. Venus and Mars are both placed in the 2nd house, a maraka house. Venus becomes the 1st and 6th lords, which are the two primary houses of health, and is aspected by the 8th lord and the 12th lord Mars. This means that Jupiter, Venus, and Mars become the dusthana lords from Surya lagna as the 8th, 6th, and 12th lords respectively. Mars also becomes the 7th lord conjunct Venus, and Mercury, the 2nd lord, exchanges signs with Venus, making Venus associated with both maraka lords. 

Natal Chart

The clincher for health challenges during this time can be seen through the transits. Saturn has been transiting through his ascendant Leo since mid July and aspecting both the dasha lord Jupiter, and the ascendant lord Sun. In addition, Mars, the karaka of the 6th house, has been making a long 7 month transit through Gemini between mid September 2007 until the end of April 2008, where it aspects both the sub period lord Venus and the sub sub period lord Mars. Lastly, the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu are transiting over his 1/7 house axis aspecting his ascendant and mahadasha lord Jupiter. 

Transits for Feb 13, 2008