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Now that Obama has won the presidency, many astrologers are predicting how his four year term will go, with some predicting his assassination. When you look at the upcoming planetary periods it's easy to see why this prediction has been made, but before we jump to such a negative, frightening conclusion let's consider another perspective. Afterall, an astrologer needs to be able to see matters in a balanced way since every indication in a chart can have both a positive and a negative side. 

First let's discuss his birth time issue, and go over his chart and dasha sequence. 

In the first half of 2008 most astrologers were using a speculated birth time for Barack Obama of about 1:00 pm giving him a Libra ascendant. Then in July, Obama's own website released his with a birth time of 7:24 pm, giving him a 24 degrees Capricorn ascendant. In terms of birth time accuracy it doesn't get any better than a written document, especially a birth certificate. Of course, they can be created in photoshop, but my opinion is that we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. In Obama's case the state of hawaii itself has declared that his birth certificate is authentic. This should have settled the question, but astrologers, like scientists, can get attached to their own theories.

Given this birth time, Obama won the presidency against McCain in his Jupiter-Moon dasha. This has been a golden sub period of an exalted planet, located in a trinal house and aspected by Jupiter. Seeing how strong the Moon is, it's not surprising that he was able to win such widespread appeal and support. 

Barack Obama's Birth Data

Barack Obama's Horoscope
Barack Obama's Natal Chart

However, the honeymoon of the Moon is almost over because his 11 month Mars sub period is just about to begin on March 24th. This is followed by his Rahu sub dasha that takes him all the way to July 24, 2012, which is almost the end of his first term. When you see that both Mars and Rahu are in the dusthana 8th house it is certainly alarming - especially when you consider that Saturn is now transiting over his Mars at late degrees of Leo until mid September this year. 

But now let's consider an alternative interpretation to these influences in the house of death, other than assassination. 

Mars and Rahu are each bold and courageous planets, especially when they're located in fire signs. They're in the sign of Leo, the royal fire sign of leadership. Rahu is a radical, unorthodox planet, willing to take risks, and the 8th house is the house of change. Mars is ambitious, strong, and bold by nature. His Mars and Rahu sub periods represent the bold and radical changes that he promised in his campaign. Is it any wonder then that he's entering this dasha sequence? This is a revolutionary influence, which is what is needed to be able to face the the current financial crisis. 

Furthermore, before we freak out about Obama's Mars and Rahu in the 8th house, consider how this can also be seen in the chart of Albert Einstein - another revolutionary visionary. He lived through his entire Mars dasha (1931-1938) and died in the last year of his Rahu dasha in 1955. Saturn transited through his 8th house from Jan 1932 until April 1934, which he obviously survived. 


When you look at Mars and Rahu in Obama's navamsha and dashamsha charts this again gives another perspective of how bold and radical he will likely be. 

Barack Obama's Navamsha chart

Barack Obama's Navamsha Chart (D-9)

Notice how in the navamsha Mars becomes the yogakaraka 4th and 9th lord, placed in a trinal house, and conjunct the 1st and 10th lords, Sun and Venus. Wow, this forms multiple raja yogas, and also takes place in the bold, and adventurous fire sign, Sagittarius, where it gains strength. The following sub dasha lord, Rahu, furthers this pattern of strength by being placed in exaltation in the 10th house and disposited by Venus, forming the same raja yogas. Double wow. 

Barack Obama's Dashamsha chart

Barack Obama's Dashamsha Chart (D-10)

In the dashamsha Mars and Rahu are quite as strong but are still in strong by house placement. Mars is placed in the lagna and aspected by the dasha lord Jupiter, also in a powerful angle. Rahu is in the 5th house with yogakaraka Saturn and 4th lord, Sun. According to Parashara, Rahu forms a raja yoga here by being in a trinal house conjunct angular lords.

I do think that Obama's radicalism could be met with severe resistance, as was recently seen in resistance by the republicans for his stimulus package, which Saturn's transit could represent. Could it also be dangerous for him? I'd say yes, especially because Saturn is transiting over Mars too and their comination can be volatile. I do think we should pray for Obama, who's now not just the US president, but a world leader that can help to set positive trends globally. But let's try to keep a perspective of the positive qualities to his 8th house Mars and Rahu too, and see why they need to be there for him to the agent of constructive, bold, and radical change that he is.

The following quote by Einstein points to why I don't like to make negative fatalistic predictions:

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein

I think most people are already prone to creating fearful imaginings in their minds about the future, so why use astrology to add to this mess? When the future comes it almost invariably turns out better than anyone anticipated. I like what one of my teachers, Byron Katie says, "Reality is always kinder than our stories." 

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