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Over the last two years the Canadian born teenage pop singer, Justin Bieber, has become a global heart throb sensation, especially with teenage girls. How? Basically with a lot of talent, charisma, good looks and uploading videos on YouTube. The video below has nearly 200 million views, which ranks in YouTube's all time top 10.

In 2008, when his videos were discovered by chance by promoter Scooter Braun, he was only 13 years old, which was too young to compete on American Idol. When he turned 16 in March this year, he then qualified but he'd bypassed the need to. He'd already become rich and famous on YouTube, combined with the success of the sales of his debut hit singles, albums, and concert apprearances, etc. He did appear on American Idol this year, but to perform, not as a contestent.

Assuming that his 12:56 am birth time is correct, then he has Scorpio ascendant in both Vedic and Western astrology. Since it comes from an unverified web source it could certainly be wrong. But let's just assume it's correct and analyze his chart.

Justin Bieber's Horoscope
Justin Bieber's Natal Chart

First of all, notice that his lagna lord, Mars, combines with all the angular house lords, Saturn, Venus, and the Sun in the angular 4th house. Angular houses are places of power and strength, and because Mars as the lagna lord, is a trinal lord (and angular lord) it produces three raja yogas in this conjunction. However, this is only the beginning because 5th lord, Jupiter, also aspects this combination forming four more raja yogas. This is impressive, not only because there's a high quantity of raja yogas, but because the lagna lord is involved in four of them. In addition, they're strongly placed in an angular house. Of these planets, Saturn is the strongest by sign position, being in its mulatrikona sign of Aquarius, forming a shasha mahapurusha yoga. Notice that Rahu is in the lagna as well, aspected by this powerful Saturn. This forms another raja yoga due to Rahu being placed in a trinal house, aspected by an angular lord. See the article, Rahu and Ketu Giving Raja Yoga, that discusses this principle.

This last point is important because Bieber is in his Rahu dasha, which started March 20, 1997. Rahu can give tremendous material success and widespread fame, during its dasha when it's well placed. Here's it's in a raja yoga in the lagna. Notice in his dashamsha chart (D10) that it's also in his lagna, repeating a pattern of forming raja yogas by being aspected by 5th and 9th lords, Jupiter and Mars. Understanding how to read the dashamsha chart is important for determining career success. Please see Marc Boney's astro-profile article, The Dashamsha Chart: The 10th Part of Glory, to read more.

More details to come about Justin Bieber's chart...

Justin Bieber's Dashamsha Chart (D10)

Bieber had a perfect debut at the American Music Awards (AMA) a couple weeks ago, winning all four awards he was nominated for: entertainer of the year, breakthrough artist of the year, favorite pop/rock male and favorite pop/rock album for "My World 2.0." His newest song Pray released on Friday November 12. Watch his performance here: