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Susan Boyle is a Scottish woman who became a web sensation over night after her singing performance on the TV show Britain's Got Talent on April 11, 2009. In the following weeks the number of viewers that watched her on YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, etc. exceeded more than 100 million, which topped the record for the most online views ever. How amazing is that? She achieved world wide fame with basically one performance. There are varying opinions about why she's had such success, despite her middle-aged heavy set appearance, and old fashioned dress. She had confidence in her ability to sing, and was willing to be judged based on that merit alone. She didn't try to get the audience's approval by changing how she presented herself. She just was who she was.This gave people the impression that if she can go for her dream, then maybe so can I. This lifted many people's spirits during a time when they've been facing a lot of difficulties due to the global recession. 

I thought it'd be interesting to look at her chart. Her birth data can be found by clicking here on Astrodatabank's new website,, which now makes astrodatabank's birth data of celebrities available for free as an open wiki project. Notice how her Sun, the 3rd lord is in the 10th house, where it gets dik bala or directional strength. The 3rd lord represents the performing arts. She's always wanted to sing professionally. Singing relates to the 2nd house (voice), and the 2nd lord Moon aspects the Sun. She was born on the full Moon which enhances the benefic quality of the Moon and makes it more expressive and outgoing. Mars on the ascendant shows her courageous quality that allowed her to get up the nerve to audition for Britain's Got Talent and perform before a huge audience. 

Susan Boyle's Vedic Horoscope
Susan Boyle's Natal Chart

She was in a Saturn-Mercury-Moon dasha in April. Notice how Saturn is the 9th lord conjunct the 10th lord forming a raja yoga in the 8th house, representing sudden change. Her fame came suddenly due to this 8th house influence. Also, Saturn is the 8th lord in its own sign of Capricorn giving strength and beneficence to the raja yoga in the 8th house. Mercury is her lagna lord, so both her maha dasha lord, and antardasha lords are trinal lords and temporal benefics, which can be a time of fortune and reaping one's positive karma of the past. These are also the dharma lords, and can represent a time to do one's dharma, one's inspiration, and fulfill one's life purpose. Notice also how the pratyantara dasha lord, Moon, is aspected by two masculine and powerful planets, Mars and the Sun, adding to her ability to have courage to go for her dream at this time. On April 11th Jupiter, her 10th lord, and planet of dharma was in Capricorn at 27 degrees conjunct her dasha lord Saturn, and aspecting her pratyantar dasha lord Moon.