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Over the past year, since the economic downturn of the later half of 2008, many people have had to make major adjustments in their lives after losing jobs, homes, investments etc. It's been difficult for perhaps the majority of people worldwide, and seems rare to hear of people who have prospered. 

The following chart is of a man who has had a strong financial history. He's been employed steadily for the past twenty four years with large corporations in the Silicon Valley doing IT work for IBM, Visa, Symantec, etc. He's also done well in the stock market, owns a home, and has had a basically comfortable life. 

Natal Chart

The majority of his successful years took place during his Mercury dasha that began Nov 1, 1988, at age 24. This is quite apparent. Mercury forms several dhana yogas (wealth producing combinations) as the first lord mutually aspecting the 2nd and 9th lords, Moon and Saturn respectively. Looking at the navamsha chart Mercury is again the lagna lord (his lagna is vargottama in Gemini), but this time it's exalted in the angular 4th house and forms a raja yoga (success producing combination) by the aspect by Jupiter, the 10th lord. 

Navamsha Chart

However, things have been shakier for him since he began his Ketu dasha on Nov 1, 2005. No matter where Ketu is placed in the chart, a Ketu dasha can cause losses because Ketu is the karaka of the 12th house of loss. It's also a non-materialistic planet by nature and its dasha can lead to disillusionment with superficial pursuits, and increase detachment. In contrast to his Mercury dasha, Ketu is involved in no dhana yogas, and is disposited by Jupiter who's placed in the 12th house. Ketu is also placed in the 12th house in the navamsha chart, and disposited by Venus who's placed in the 8th house, and aspected by the 6th lord Mars. This further indicates the potential for loss during a Ketu dasha. Lastly, Ketu by transit entered the sign of Cancer on May 5, 2008. This corresponds to his 2nd house of wealth, where Mars and Venus form a dhana yoga between the 11th and 5th lord. 

Transits on October 6, 2008 

When the US stock market crashed on October 6, 2008, he was in his Ketu-Rahu dasha, and Ketu was transiting within two degrees of his natal Venus. Venus is his 5th lord, representing speculative investments like the stock market. He lost a major portion of his savings that he kept in stocks. Fortunately, for him he did not lose his job, but over the past year his department was outsourced and he now officially works for another company. He's had to take a 25% reduction in pay as a result.

This chart isn't an extreme example of loss due to the overall strength of his chart for wealth and success, but it has been a difficult time for him causing he and wife wife to make many adjustments. This declining trend is clearly indicated by the Ketu dasha coinciding with Ketu's transit through his 2nd house of wealth.