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On 17 June 2009 when I heard the announcement of the selection of Ashish Nehra for the Indian cricket tour of West Indies, I immediately opened his chart in my computer and saw it as an ideal example of an event which shows the validity of the teaching we do in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. It can be seen stage by stage.

"Was his career over?" was the question put to me by many. My answer was that in the dasha of Venus, the tenth lord, it would not be over but in some way or the other he would remain active as a cricket bowler. 

In 2009, he did better in the Indian Premier League matches of 20-20 in South Africa. Then after the disastrous performance of the Indian 20-20 team in World Champion 2009, he was chosen. A comment was like this:

Harish Kotian in Nottingham
June 17, 2009 
"The repercussion of India's disastrous showing in the World 20-20 was clearly visible in the team selection for the four-match ODI series in the West Indies . However, there are more questions than answers if you go through the 16-man squad, named by the Indian selectors on Wednesday. As many as five changes were made to India's ODI squad from the one that won the series in New Zealand 3-1 in January this year. RP Singh S Badrinath and Ashish Nehra made their comebacks to the national squad, while Abhishek Nayar and Murali Vijay received their maiden call-ups. Nehra was rewarded with a berth in the squad after his consistent performances in season two of the Indian Premier League for the Delhi Daredevils after he claimed 19 wickets in 13 matches. The 30-year-old left-arm pacer last played international cricket nearly four years back, after which he suffered a spate of injuries." 

Forget the critics and look at it astrologically, and it is a typical text book example for the students of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. 

Ashish Nehra's Birth Data

Ashish Nehra's Horoscope
Ashish Nehra's Natal Chart

First method: Vimshottari dasha
The dasha running is that of Venus the tenth lord in his own house in the tenth, the antardasha is of Mars in the tenth house and the pratyantara dasha is again of Venus. 

The second method:Chara dasha
The chara dasha running is of Tula (Libra) the tenth house, the antardasha is of Mithuna (Gemini) from where Sun the amatyakaraka in the fourth house is aspecting the tenth house. The pratyantara dasha at the time of selection (17 June) 2009 is of Kanya (Virgo) which has Amatyakaraka. No wonder, he has staged a comeback at a time which is astrologically the correct time. 

Third method: Double Transit
Now look at double transit of Saturn and Jupiter, which I have popularized so immensely. Saturn in Simha (Leo) is aspecting the tenth house and tenth lord. Jupiter in Kumbha (Aquarius) is again aspecting the tenth house and tenth lord completing and fulfilling the promise held by transiting Saturn. The tenth lord Venus in Mesha (Aries) is aspecting his own house Tula (Libra) on 17 June 2009 when he was selected. 

Transits on June 17, 2009

Fourth method: Annual Horoscope
Then look at the annual horoscope with Tula (Libra) lagna rising and Muntha in the tenth house and Munthesh, Moon, in the seventh house. 

Fifth method: Conditional Dasha

When a conditional dasha applies, do it and see if it confirms the reading done so far. In Nehra's case apply Chatursheeti sama dasha as the tenth lord is in the tenth house. The dasha is Sun-Mercury-Mars with both antardasha lord and the pratyantar dasha lord in the tenth house in the rasi chart.

Sixth method: Dashamsha
Once in a while also look at the dashamansha (D10 chart) and see a foreign tour here. Venus the mahadasha lord and also the pratyantar dasha lord is with Jupiter the tenth lord aspected by Saturn the twelfth lord. 

Dashamsha Chart

Without crowding your mind with jumbled Jaimini astrology with eight karakas and non existing charakaraka substitution, and minute divisional vargas which more often than not, are wrong because the birth time is wrong and the so called corrected birth time is worse, do astrology in a simple way with a lucid mind.

Everything is favorable for Nehra to stage a comeback and for God to answer the prayer of his mother who is always worried about his career. 

reprinted with permission