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I thought it would be interesting to look at the chart of US snowboarding and skateboarding phenomenon, Shaun White, and see what planetary combinations he has. He's certainly received a lot of media attention over the last couple weeks after winning his second gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and has been on several talk shows, like Oprah and Larry King.

I just used 12 pm as the birth time since his exact birth time wasn't available, so disregard his ascendant in the chart below. My best guess is that he has a Sagittarius ascendant, a fire sign, with Mars, a fiery planet and planet of courage, in the ascendant. His famous red hair, indicated by these fiery qualities, led him to be nicknamed, 'the flying tomato.' Also, a Sagittarius ascendant would mean that he would now be in a Sun dasha. This would make sense since he's attained such widespread success and fame recently. If the Sun were in the 9th house it would be involved in numerous raja yogas by its conjunction with Mercury (7th and 10th lord) and its aspect by Jupiter (1st and 4th lord). But that is all just speculation. Let's check out his chart with the 12 pm birth time. 

Shaun White's Vedic Horoscope

Shaun White's Natal Chart

What struck me when looking at his chart was the tight aspect of Saturn aspecting his Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo. This would be there regardless of any birth time change, so it's something that can be reliably talked about. Saturn, being a planet of hesitation, fear, and caution is not something you'd expect to see prominent in the chart of someone who makes his living doing outrageous flips and spins at dizzying heights. What I found interesting was that in his interview on Oprah, which can be watched below, he repeatedly describes what he does as being all about 'commitment.' Commitment, focus, and discipline are the beneficial qualities of Saturn, and nothing can be accomplished without them. Saturn gets a lot of bad press, and seeing this chart could be confusing if you didn't understand this about Saturn. Basketball star Kobe Bryant has a similar combination, which was talked about in another article, Kobe Bryant's Saturn Sun Conjunction. 

What's also interesting to me about Shaun White's chart is that the Sun is so strongly placed in Leo, and aspected by Jupiter. This also gives him a great deal of confidence, charisma, and optimism to take risks and perform his tricks. When you combine these qualities of commitment and confidence, shown by both Saturn and Jupiter aspecting a strongly placed Sun, it's amazing what someone can do. White regularly performs stunts that no one else has been able to duplicate, like his Double McTwist 1260. Check him out in these interviews with Oprah. You'll have to scroll forward 2 minutes and 14 seconds to get to Shaun's part of the show, since Lindsey Vonn is on first.