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K.N.. Rao
K.N. Rao, October 2009

Last October I had the great privilege of spending two weeks withK.N. Rao, my Jyotish guru, who graciously let me pester him with questions every day for several hours. At one point, I did an interview with him for the CVA Journal that I will post soon on this website. During the interview he said, "No single astrologer can answer all questions put to them. It is impossible."

That struck me as a very honest and humble thing to say by someone who's so widely respected to be a foremost astrologer in the world today. It made sense though, since astrologers typically only develop proficiency in answering questions in a few areas: career, finances, relationship, health, childbirth, etc. 

However, astrology encompasses every aspect of life. What if a person asks, "I want to get a pet. What kind of pet is most suited for me?" If the astrologer is lucky, he may at least know some basics about analyzing pets in a horoscope, like the 6th house and Venus. But does he know the planetary combinations representing all the various household pets available? Unlikely. How many astrologers have the ability to look at a chart and say, "Your chart says that you're obsessed with poodles, but they're really not good for you. The best pet for you is a gerbil!" Are there planetary combinations that represent all these various creatures? Yes. But an astrologer won't find many books on them, if any. The astrologer is left to research it themselves, and study hundreds of charts of pet owners. This alone could take years, but could result, at least, in the astrologer becoming knowledgeable in Pet Astrology!

Every conceivable question put to an astrologer is a whole study in itself: Career Astrology, Financial Astrology, Medical Astrology, Relationship Astrology, etc. Then there are sub categories within these major areas. For instance, just under Career Astrology, there is Legal Astrology with its own sub categories like, Civil Law Astrology, Family Law Astrology, etc. It goes on and on, and is endless. 

Astrology is as vast as life itself, which is why it can't be mastered. To master astrology is to become omniscient, all-knowing. We can only specialize in certain areas and gain some level of proficiency, but never mastery. 

Yogi Bhaskaranandji 
Yogi Bhaskaranandji

K.N. Rao's Jyotish guru Yogi Bhaskaranandji once said:

"Never think that you can ever master astrology. You discover week after week that there is so much to learn, and there is so much to re-learn from what you have already learned!" 

On my first trip to India in 1992, I studied with R. Santhanam, the translator of many classic Jyotish texts. The first thing he said when I entered his house was, "Why are you here?" I said, "I want to learn Jyotish." He immediately shook his head and said,"Jyotish is a vast ocean. No one can master it in one lifetime. It takes many lifetimes. Even then, there will always be more to learn."

K.N. Rao put it in a similar manner when he said, "Astrology is a super science with unfathomable depth. No one can ever master it. It is an ocean which sometimes resembles a rivulet and sometimes a mighty river in flood, when it actually is a vast ocean."