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from the Journal of Astrology - Oct-Dec 2009

A Dilemma Delineated

Often, on finding a strong 5th house, one faces the dilemma of whether to predict good education or happiness deriving from children or both. We felt a need to hunt for a methodology that could give pointed indications in these areas and immediate clarity from a horoscope. This drove us to the topic for a group research with my students at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

The conventional view goes that simply on the basis of the prime parameters - the strength of the 5th and the 9th house, their lords and Jupiter, one should not rush to conclusions to declare all good or all bad for either children or education. The thoughts that come on initial pondering can get you to the right prediction with so many techniques and dashas now available from discoveries through research. But what is it that differentiates a good education and suffering on account of children from a bad education but bliss from children, we need to establish statistically and scientifically, so that it leads to a methodology that is pinpointed. 

The parameters which could best answer this question needed to be explored and tested and hence this research project came into being. As per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, the 5th house governs amulets, scared spells, learning, knowledge, sons, royalty (or authority), fall of position, etc. For our research, the 5th house interpretations with respect to children and education were broadly classified as:

1) Good education and good children

2) Good education and no happiness from children

3) Good children but poor or average education

4) Poor education and unhappiness from children


To empirically test the hypotheses that the listed parameters in a horoscope impact on children and education and to recommend the weightage that should be given to each parameter; with special emphasis on the role of the Saptamsha (D7-children) and the Chaturvimshamsha (D24-education). 


1) The 5th house and the 5th lord from the lagna, Moon, and Jupiter as the primary source of influence. 

2) Condition of Jupiter as the significator both for children and knowledge, in the natal chart and the divisional charts. 

3) The condition of the planet that is putrakaraka (5th karaka) and the fifth house from it, both for children and education. 

4) Analysis of the saptamsha for children and the chaturvimshamsha for education. 

5) Analysis of the 9th house and the 9th lord both from the lagna and the Moon. 

6) Analysis of the 7th house and the 7th lord both from the lagna and the Moon.

7) At least two dashas between the ages of 15 and 25 for education and between 25 and 35 for children: vimshottari and chara dashas.

8) Role of transit.

9) Role of Gulika.

10 Role of Mercury in education.

Apart form these parameters, we are analyzing related variable and supplementary factors like the role of the Moon in education, applicability of conditional dashas, role of Beej Sphuta and Kshetra Sphuta, etc. These factors are being analyzed by researchers to develop a full fledged thesis at the individual level, in addition to the group project. 


Our biological instincts combine with societal beliefs on the continuity of human existence. The urge to procreate is at once a human weakness and a profound human strength. Even an atheist might pray when he is unable to parent a child. 

A child promises bliss before his arrival into the parent's fold and becomes the most precious possession soon after he is born. Man confronts balarishta (childhood illness and even death) to save and protect the child. In the modern context, the balarishta threat could come from disease, infection or abnormalities affecting the child. Earlier, when medical science was not as advanced, seven out of ten children tended not to survive, and therefore balarishta remained critical to astrological analysis of children. 

Today, as a child grows, the concerns continue even though with modern medicine they may be less directed to the survival of the child. Education of the child has today become a critical concern of parents and astrological counseling is increasingly sought for relatively minor matters like the specialization streams to be opted for in schools and colleges. 

Parents are also concerned about the behavior of children and their attitude towards elders. The aspirations of a parent for the child tend to be limitless. The problem of hyperactive children with small attention spans becoming indecisive due to peer pressure in choosing specialized streams, are increasingly common, often compelling parents to seek psychiatric help. Some even have to face the gravest misery of all: loss of a child. Clearly, any parent can accept immense suffering to self but the pain multiplies if it is the child who suffers. 

Guidance on education is fast becoming crucial not only for children but for all those struggling for growth in career. There are mid career courses and training's which are fast getting more and more popular. So both Children and Education draw immediate attention. 


Keeping in mind our target of getting at a short and crisp dependable method to predict and differentiate, we decided to work on only verified and authenticated horoscopes. Each horoscope presented in the class was first subjected to birth time rectification by application of various methods:

i) Applying navamsha dasha as also chara dasha and vimshottari dasha for verification of events.

ii) Applying the rule given in the book, The correct value of Ayanamsha by Swami Sadasiva Giri. As per the author the pratyantar dasha lord at the time of birth is linked to the lagna or the lagna lord. 

iii) Applying tested snapshot method to find the number of siblings, eldest or youngest, and number of children. 

It was only after the conviction that the horoscope was accurate that we proceeded. The strength of each parameter under test is being calibrated to determine its contribution in determining the fate of education and children. Event based cases involving childlessness, balarishta, behavioral problems, mishap and death are being taken up. Ten verified horoscopes with listed events like level of education, dashas during marriage, children and important events related to education, marriage and children with birth time rectification were discussed and analyzed in the class by the guide to demonstrate the method of recording the data under different parameter headings. Each researcher collected 4 to 6 horoscopes presented them and the data was recorded as demonstrated. 

A minimum of 200 sample horoscopes were proposed. The total data would be tabulated and conclusions drawn. The goals, targets, and proposed presentation is put on the This has been organized by Shri Dinesh Jain, a member of our research team. Display of horoscopes with D1, D9, D7, and D24 charts on the a laptop screen has been arranged in the class room to save time. It is suggested along with digital records the researchers should paste the horoscopes discussed in a register with events, findings and observations for better concentration and analysis. Translation in Hindi has been done brilliantly by Ms. Kavita Raj, another member of our research team. 

Existing Research and Classics Bank

Combinations related to the 5th house, children and education are being stored in the website which is being accessed by all researchers. Presently the website carries some yogas and we keep adding material.

Time Frame

5 months. Mid July 2009 to Mid December 2009. 


It is planned to present the findings in the Journal of AstrologyJan-March 2010 issue. This would be followed by a book on this comprehensive research. 

A Few Case Studies

Case Study 1:
This is a horoscope of a person intimately known to me. He is youngest of four co-borns and has done an M.A. in English literature. Keeping in with adherence to the strict guideline for picking only correct horoscopes, the first step followed by us is the birth time check which in this case was done by considering the static promise and relating the dashas with the events. For any research to give tangible results it is necessary to work only on authenticated horoscopes. We did exactly that. Each horoscope has has been included in the 200 sample horoscopes are of persons intimately know to at least one among the 37 researchers engaged in this group research project. 

This horoscope was categorized as having above average education and unhappiness from children. How do we differentiate good education from suffering from children is what this research is about. 

Natal Chart

The Birth Chart: 
Jupiter in the rasi of Mercury is good for education but not for children. This is one of the findings of this research and can be seen in this horoscope. Mercury is an intellectual planet but a eunuch (castrated male) and so its rashis also have such elements. 

Jupiter is the 5th lord in this chart, and is the significator of children as well as the significator of knowledge. The 2nd house where Jupiter has gone is described as the house of death (maraka) by all classics. The 12th lord Moon is in the 5th house, which does not augur well for 5th house matters. This includes both children and education, but does indicate pursuit of history and literature of a foreign country. 

The 9th house has Ketu and the 9th lord Mars is aspected by the 6th and 7th lord Saturn, which is not a good indication for children. Saturn as the 6th and 7th lord in the 4th house in mutual aspect with Mars is certainly quite bad for 4th house matters, including happiness and mental peace. 

The 5th lord from Jupiter is Saturn, which cannot give positive results in matters of children as it is in mutual aspect with Mars, a malefic as well. 

From the Moon, the 5th house has Ketu and the 5th lord, Mars, has gone to the 6th house. It is also in mutual aspect with Saturn, which is the 2nd and 3rd lord from the Moon in the 12th house. 

The chara putrakaraka, Sun, is conjunct with gnatikaraka, Venus, in the 8th house. The sthira putrakaraka and the 5th lord Jupiter is also involved due to the mutual aspect. 

Navamsha Chart (D9)

In the navamsha, Jupiter is debilitated and conjunct with Saturn. In the Saptamsha, Venus, the gnatikarka and the 9th lord is on the Rahu-Ketu axis and Jupiter is aspected by Saturn from the 8th house. 

Saptamsha Chart (D7)

His son died most unexpectedly and tragically in May 1996 in the dasha of Rahu-Venus-Rahu and Pisces-Libra-Aquarius under chara dasha. Tragedy struck the family in May 1996. It left this person shattered. Rahu is in the 2nd house from Jupiter in the birth chart and Venus is the 2nd lord (both marakas from Jupiter). Hence, the lords of mahadasha, antardasha, and pratyantar dasha were all marakas. Jupiter is the 5th lord and significator of children and is debilitated in the navamsha. In the 2nd house from Jupiter, Rahu is there in the saptamsha. Pisces is the rasi that has the putrakaraka Sun and the gnatikaraka Venus. Libra is the 8th rasi from the putrakaraka and Aquarius is the 12th rasi. His son could not recover from the administration of anesthesia for a minor surgery. 

Case Study 2:
This case would be categorized as excellent education but no happiness from children. The person with an enviable education and other good attributes has been denied the bliss of marriage and children so far. The horoscope clearly recites its destiny and can put to rest the apprehensions of all critics about the applicability of astrological parameters based on which we are running the largest school of astrology in the world. 

Natal Chart

Birth chart:
In this case also Jupiter, the significator of knowledge and children is in the intellectual house of Virgo, which has been giving good results so far as education is concerned but not for children. It aspects its own 5th house, which makes it strong. Inspite of having a medical degree (M.B.B.S.) and a government job, this person has MBA and LLB from reputed institutions. He has also done the two year course of astrology from our institute.

For such results we have the mahapurusha in the lagna (ruchaka yoga), Mercury and Sun (buddhaditya yoga) in the 9th with aspect by the 9th lord on them and a strong 5th house. On the other hand, there is an afflicted 4th house and 7th house. Rahu is in the 4th house and Saturn, the 4th lord, is debilitated in the 6th house.

Case Study 3: Dr Rajendra Prasad:
The first president of India. He is categorized has having both excellence in education and happiness from children. One could not have asked for more in education and career. This is crystal clear in the horoscope.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad's Natal Chart

Birth chart:
For analyzing the psyche and the ideology from a horoscope, primarily the three trines, 1, 5, 9 houses, should be analyze with their lords. The trines compliment each other and the intermingling of their influences make the psyche. The thoughts and ideas are generated from the 5th house, but they are subject to scrutiny of the 9th house. The 9th house is the conscience keeper and the action is taken by the 1st house. A thought can be turned down by the conscience and even if passed by it, the type of action and the force of it is dependent on the 1st house. This is the working of the psyche through houses 5, 9, 1. Besides the psyche triangle of 1, 5, 9 houses, Jupiter, the karaka of virtues, righteousness, religion, spirituality should be assessed. It needs to be examined along with the 9th house and the 9th lord to see the level of respect that the person has to the norms of society, its traditions and conventions (parampara). The Moon should be seen for determining the state of mind and Mercury for the intellect. 

Jupiter: The Pivot of the Horoscope
Jupiter is the lagna lord placed in the rasi of a friend, the royal Sun. Jupiter in Leo and Aquarius is considered as good as in its sign of exaltation, Cancer. From its position in the 9th house it aspects the lagna and the 5th house, radiating its influence on all three trines. It also aspects the 5th lord, Mars. 

Jupiter is the strongest planet of this horoscope with Ishta Phal 40:60 and Kashta 17:80 and has rendered the lagna lord strongest with a strength of 9.7 rupas. It's exalted in the navamsha and occupies its mulatrikona rasi (Sagittarius) in many divisional charts. 

In the birth chart, Jupiter is the lord of the lagna and the 4th house. The 4th house represents 'raja simhasan' (throne). In the navamsha, Jupiter as the lord of the 4th and 7th houses goes to the 11th house of gains and in its sign of exaltation. Because the 7th house is the 10th from the 10th house, it is also seen for career, and is called the house of padaprapti (position giver). 

Dr. Rajendra Prasad's Navamshal Chart (D9)

The division of the houses in the navamsha chart should not make the astrologer take major deviation from his line of thinking from the birth chart, as a difference of just a few minutes often changes the navamsha lagna. It is difficult to find an old horoscope with an accurately recorded time of birth. Nevertheless, we have a very strong Jupiter dominated horoscope and therefore the person should have all the positive features of Jupiter. A Jupiterian indeed. 

Mercury-Mars Conjunction: 
The combination of the 5th and 10th lords in the lagna forms an excellent raja yoga promising high elevation. This combination is aspected by the strong lagna lord, Jupiter, from the 9th house. The skills, dexterity and speed of Mercury combined with the energy and power of Mars has to make the person successful, enterprising and famous. The impact of Mars on the psyche in conferring a religious and upright disposition was positive as it worked like fire to purify the character by virtue of its lordship of the 5th house of dharma and the 12th house of moksha. Mercury, on the other hand, as the lord of the 7th (kama) and lord of 10th (artha) was responsible for bringing him to the world of comfort by making him the President of India. Mars, as the 5th and Mercury as the significator of vidya or education was responsible for his exceptional academic record. Mars as the 5th lord under the influence of Jupiter in the rasi of the Sun were responsible for his being blessed by two male children. 

The Rural Childhood (December 1884 to March 1894): 
In his autobiography, Rajen Babu gives a lucid account of the traditions and rituals followed in his village. Recitation of Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana, Ramlila, Melas, games and social engagements were perhaps looked forward to with a sense of gaiety by the villagers. Life began at sunrise and ended at sunset without even an apple of consumerism to disturb. At the age of 5-6 he started to learn alphabets in Persian from the Maulvi Saheb of his village. The teaching started ceremoniously with the customary chanting of 'Bismillah,' and followed by distribution of sweets in the traditional style and a token payment to the Maulvi Saheb. 

He was brought to Chapra from his village Zeeradai and admitted directly to class VIII in the dasha of Rahu/Jupiter in April 1894. He stood first in the annual examination in 1895 and was given a double promotion. Six years later Rajen Babu topped in the matriculation exam. It was a big achievement by all standards for a boy from Chapra to emerge first in the matriculation exam, conducted by a University under whose jurisdiction were Calcutta, Orissa, Bihar, Assam and Burma. This was the first time that a boy from Bihar had topped. The vimshottari dasha was Rahu-ketu-Venus. Rahu in upachaya 10th house in the intellectual sign of Virgo combined with Venus which in the 11th house of gains and achievements, in its mulatrikona rasi had to give such results. Then again two years later he topped again in the FA exam. It was again a remarkable achievement. Besides the scholarships that he was getting, many more were awarded to him. He diverted himself to freedom struggle in college but eventually was awarded a Doctorate in law. A 68 page astro sketch of Dr. Rajendra Prasad has been published in Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions, Vol. 1, edited by Sri K.N. Rao. 

reprinted with permission