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Saturn is the planet of organization, and is good at creating a structure or framework for anything. In the chart of someone with organizational abilities you'd expect to see Saturn prominent in the chart, like in the 1st or 10th house. However, it's not always the case. Saturn does especially well at organization when it's in an earth sign, which is a practical and rational sign by nature. Saturn also does well at organization when it is conjunct Mercury or located in one of Mercury's signs, Virgo or Gemini. Mercury is a logical, systematic planet and shares these qualities with Saturn. 

The following chart is a woman who refers to herself as "Mrs Organization." She loves to organize anything and doesn't consider it work, but play. Closets, file cabinets, office spaces it doesn't matter - if it needs organization she happily does it - often times for friends for free. Notice how Saturn is prominent in the 10th house and in Mercury's most practical sign of Virgo. From Virgo Saturn aspect both her Moon, and ascendant lord Jupiter, which are important personality indicators along with the ascendant and the Sun. 

She also has worked at one job for over 30 years, doing organizational work in a government agency. So she not only has organizational abilities, but she is comfortable within organizations. 

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