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Some Recommended Astrology Websites

K.N. Rao - Journal of Astrology:
Bi-Monthly Journal of Astrology, Article Archives, Online Store, Books

ACVA - American College of Vedic Astrology:

Conferences, Courses, Shop

American Institute of Vedic Studies - David Frawley:
Books, Courses, Articles in Vedic Knowledge: Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga etc.
A large online bookstore for astrology books - both Vedic and Western

Free birth data and bios of over 25,000 famous people

Astrology Web Resource Center:
Astrologers, Organizations, Conferences, Courses

Council of Vedic Astrology:
CVA Journal Magazine, CVA Membership Directory

Express Star Teller:
Monthy Vedic Astrology Magazine

Hank Friedman:
Astrology Software Reviews, Vedic & Western Astrology Articles

Moses Siregar:
Vedic & Western Astrology Articles, Astrocartography, Classes

Parashara's Light Software: Michiel Boender
Highly Recommended Vedic Astrology Software

Shri Jyoti Star Jyotish Software: Andrew Foss
Highly Recommended Vedic Astrology Software

The Mountain Astrologer (TMA):
The Mountain Astrologer Subscription, Article Archives

Vaughn Paul's Japanese Website:
Translated Articles, Lessons, Astro-Profiles of Celebrities, Astro-Diary

Vedic Astrology Art - Yolanta Gawlik:
Personalised Picture Based on Your Time of Birth, Free Nakshatra Report

Vedic Numerology - Christina Richa Devi:
Vedic Numerology Consultations, Yantra Painting Classes

Other Websites of Interest
A website teaching the Vedic practice of agni hotra or fire ceremony

American Sanskrit Institute - Vyaas Houston:
Courses for Learning Sanskrit, Online Store

Ayurvedic Institute - Dr Vasant Lad:
Courses for Learning Ayurveda, Online Store

Banyan Botanicals:
Organic Ayurveda Herbs, Online Store

Eleykaa Tahleh (Vaughn Paul's Wife) - Illumination Art:
Artist - Prints, Magnet Cards, Online Store

Eve Eschner Hogan:
Author, inspirational speaker, writing coach
A devotional movement in Central India focusing on the name of Ram

Real Goods:
Ecological products for Sustainable Living
A charitable organization serving the medical and education
needs of poor children in Chhattisgharh, India

Shelley Lynne Cummins - Jai Sri Yogis:
Private Yoga & Meditation Instruction, Diksha Initiations

Ted Surman - Yoga Awareness:
Yoga Teachings of Patanjali Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Boutique
A large website for buying books about India's ancient Vedic wisdom
An informative website with the vision of spreading ancient Vedic wisdom
A large resource for books, CD's, software on Jyotish & other Vedic topics