Meena lagna and rasi people, share your experiences

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Meena lagna and rasi people, share your experiences

Post by majestik108 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:40 pm

Hey everyone.

I'm creating this topic for people with Meena lagna AND rashi (so Moon in the Ascendant in Pisces) to share their charts and experiences in the hopes of understanding ourselves better. Anyone who isn't a Meena lagna and/or rasi who has insights on the subject or questions, feel free to contribute as well.

My planetary positions:

Ascendant in Pisces Revati pada 4
Sun in the 4th in Gemini Punarvasu pada 2
Moon in the 1st in Pisces Purva Bhadrapada pada 4
Mars in the 6th in Leo Purva Phalguni pada 2
Mercury in the 5th in Cancer Punarvasu pada 4
Jupiter in the 7th in Virgo Hasta pada 2
Venus in the 3rd in Taurus Rohini pada 1
Saturn in the 12th in Aquarius Satabishak pada 1
Rahu in the 9th in Scorpio Jyeshta pada 1
Ketu in the 3rd in Taurus Rohini pada 3

I'm currently in the very early stages of my Mercury mahadasha. Around two years into the mahadasha I ended a 3.5 year long relationship that had begun on the tail end of my Saturn-Jupiter dasha due to infidelity on my ex-partner's side. Interestingly enough, I've read a dictum way before all this happened that the 7th lord in the 5th while auspicious in general, will cause the spouse to engage in affairs in the planet's dasha as it is in the 11th house counted from the 7th house and the 11th represents affairs (bhavat bhavam concept).

The resulting chaos from the experience made me learn a great deal about myself, particularly about my emotions and about relationships and social interaction in general. Mercury is activating both my Sun in the 4th house and Jupiter in the 7th house so it makes sense.

One interesting thing I noticed when I began my Mercury dasha is that I'm now more 'conscious'. When I was in my Saturn dasha, it was like I was on autopilot. There was a force that was guiding me towards spirituality by giving me very difficult experiences, but I neither felt the need to fight this force nor was I able to. Basically Shanidev ruled me with an iron grip and it was an amazing dasha because I learned so much about life from it. Even though a lot of people say Saturn is bad for Pisces people, in my case I found every single hardship He put before me to be a great blessing in disguise because it made me experience great personal growth.

That's just something off the top of my head. Let's get a discussion going! :D

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